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I swear, every vid I make I remember halfway through that I don't have to clip everything before I start editing.  And each time it is a goddamn revelation.  This time around, I'd been clipping for months, and I wasn't hating it, but I sure wasn't loving it.  Then I realized, hey, I have a lot of clips here.  I could throw those things on a timeline and have a lot more fun than I am right now.  Maybe even learn a thing or two about my new vidding software while I'm at it.

And it goes both ways -- editing gives me the motivation to keep clipping, but clipping gives me ideas for the vid.  It's a good back and forth.  I lose a little time by editing stuff that I end up replacing later once I discover better clips, but I bet I make that time up just by having more vid farr.  Plus it makes the experience overall more fun, which might have something to do with why I'm doing this in the first place?

So in the last two days I've filled up about 2/3 of the timeline for Sekrit Vid.  It's been a lot of fun!  I've been toying around with it a lot, moving between different parts of the vid, trying stuff out in one section till I get tired of it, tightening edits in another until I'm happy enough with it, for now anyway.  I'm still not sure what exactly I'm going to do with the other third, but hey, that's what clipping is for.  And that's my next task, as I've nearly exhausted the clips I have. 

And I'm doing it all in a spiffy new program -- Premiere Pro CS6, which came with my new laptop that came with my new job.  Mostly it's a lot like FCP 7, but prettier to look at.  I LOVE (really, really, a lot) that I can scrub through a preview of clips with the icon view -- it saves me soooo much time.  There's still a few kinks.  When I double click on a clip in the timeline to open it in the viewer (or whatever Premiere calls the monitor on the left), I keep expecting the viewer playhead to be on the same frame as the sequence playhead was.  I've found this is only the case maybe half the time?  I'm sure there's a reason for the discrepancy, but I don't know it yet.  It sounds like a small thing but it does slow down my fine-editing process -- I guess I need to adjust that part of how I work.  

I checked out Adobe's official "Classroom in a Book" for Premiere, and so I'm also learning some things I aught to know by now -- like what alpha channels and chroma keys are -- and I'm excited to use them.  Eventually.  Same with After Effects and all that.  Fancy titles and whatnot are exciting, but I bet I'll get the most use out of AE's de-noising effects, stuck as I am on shows that started in the 90s.


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