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 2012 meme

My vids in 2013:

Sons and Daughters (Whale Rider ensemble, made for Festivids.)

Tightrope (BtVS Buffy & Scoobies, premiered in August for Club Vivid)

A Thousand Miles (Elementary, Joan & Sherlock)

Everywhere (Xena, Xena/Gabrielle)

Meme Questions


I said a couple weeks ago that Tightrope was my favorite, so I guess I better stick to that.  Basically, it's a fun dancy vid that celebrates my favorite character ever.  And I really like the song!  And I learned a bunch of new tricks that I'm pleased with, and the vid does have Hidden Depths, if I do say so myself.

Least Favorite

A Thousand Miles.  I like significant chunks of it a lot, but I really wish I'd edited out about half a verse early in the song.  The first half feels a little draggy to me.  Still, I'm really happy with everything from the bridge onward, and with some of the early parts as well (especially the intercutting between Joan and Sherlock leading their separate lives; I was quite pleased with that section).

Most Successful

If you count youtube views, it's A Thousand Miles by a long shot.  If you count DW comments -- which matter more to me -- it's Tightrope, with Everywhere close behind.  However, I feel like both Elementary and Xena are both much more lacking in vids (or, in Xena's case, vids that I like), and so I feel like just producing vids in those fandoms was a good thing.  Like, as in, those vids feel more like contributions to their fandoms?  And the little corner of Elementary fandom that I'm around is kind of my favorite ever.  It's basically just people writing awesome meta and posting fabulous fic, and though I'd love for there to be more people and hence more works in it, I'm also pretty pleased with how friendly and cozy it feels.  So I'm glad I was able to contribute something to that fandom.

Most Underappreciated by the Universe

Seriously, none.  I hear a lot about how nobody comments anymore, but I'm really pleased with the reaction I've had to every vid I've posted this year.  It could just be that I never saw how good it used to be, but for me 2013 was a huge jump over 2012 in terms of vid exposure and reactions.  The vid that had the fewest comments still had more than any vid I made the year before, and tons more views and downloads as well.  Mainly because of Festivids and [personal profile] kouredios's friending meme from about a year ago, which hugely expanded both my reading list and readers.   Also, vidding shows that lots of people have seen and are nostalgic for helps.

Most Fun Video

Lol, Tightrope wins again.

Vid with the Single Sexiest Moment

I finally made a shipper vid!  A real one!  Personally, I think it's the moment when Gabrielle runs her hand down Xena's forearm and it dissolves to the two holding hands.  Which doesn't sound sexy, but it is.  :: shivers ::

Biggest Vid Fail

The previously-mentioned lack of song editing in A Thousand Miles.  Also, I am not overly fond of the end of Tightrope, and I wish the beginning of Everywhere (the Evil!Xena part) had more oomph.

Hardest Video to Make

A Thousand Miles was difficult because a) I was clipping with MKVs and it took Streamclip FOREEEEEVVVER to generate clips, which seriously slowed my vidding and frustrated my excitement, and b) it's a much less visual show than I'm used to. 

Tightrope was difficult with all the jump cuts and time-toggling and pans and zooms and cropping and everything.  It was fun, but a lot of work. 

Things I've learned

Besides a few technical tricks,  I feel like a lot of what I've learned has had more to do with developing an intuition for vidding, which is hard to describe clearly.  I have a much better sense now of what works in terms of timing, matching to music, and so forth.  I have an idea of when a cross dissolve (or, rarely a fade-out-in) is called for and when I should use straight cuts.

I've learned that a little talky face is not, in fact, a deadly sin.

I've learned that adjusting the white and black balance in clips that I thought looked fine will make them look much, much better.

I'm starting to learn how to match motion between clips, though I still really want to improve on this front.

Editing a song can make the difference between a good vid idea and a ... not good one.

Speaking of -- I learned how to edit music!  I actually enjoy it a lot, and I think I'm not bad at it, especially for not knowing anything about music.  Sons and Daughters and Tightrope both have major edits in their songs, as do a bunch of my WIPs.

Goals for 2014

Vid more!  That was my goal this year too, but then I got RSIs and defended a PhD and moved across the world.  What'll my excuse be in 2014?  Anyway, I still really like the idea of making vids -- or vidlets -- in order to learn or practice a specific thing.  I'm most interested in developing my sense of motion and musicality, so I have a couple of vid ideas that could work on that front. 

Seriously, vid more.

on 30/12/13 05:11 pm (UTC)
goodbyebird: Elementary: Joan and Sherlock inspecting a document, "What can you deduce?" (Elementary)
Posted by [personal profile] goodbyebird
I absolutely love your Elementary vid. It's my go to for feels. And the beginning, I feel it kinda goes with the vid? Like, in the beginning everything is a bit disjointed, a bit disconnected, and then it grows and it flows and comes together and I clap giddily along.


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