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I only made two vids in 2015. Oops? Some of these questions will be a bit silly to answer but I still wanna do the meme, so here it is.

Past memes:
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Vids I made in 2015

Milkshake & Honey (Orphan Black, premiered in March for Escapade)
Never Look Away (BtVS, premiered in June for VidUKon's Superheros vidshow)


Well, Never Look Away, because it is all the Buffy feels I could generate. But at the same time, it left me feeling like it wasn't feelsy enough, like all the reasons Buffy is the character of my heart somehow still didn't get though. I dunno. I like it more now than I did when I posted it, which is common anyway. But still. I wanted even more feels.

(This doesn't stop me from rewatching this vid A LOT, though. For the feels.)

Least Favorite

Heh, I guess that leaves Milkshake & Honey, and it's true the vid doesn't move like I wanted it to, isn't quite as sexy as I'd hoped. But it was kind of a big step for me in terms of vidding kink, so I'm still proud of it even if it's one of my least-rewatched vids.

Most Successful

Never Look Away. If there were some sort of "vid success" metric that assigned different weights to DW comments, youtube views, yt comments, tumblr reblogs, and recs, that metric would probably say Never Look Away is my most successful vid ever. So at least I did that this year.

Most Underappreciated by the Universe

Lol, again by default it's Milkshake & Honey. But truthfully I was a bit surprised at the lack of comments/reactions. I guess I thought Orphan Black kink would be a bit more popular than that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Most Fun to Make

I think Milkshake & Honey had some fun moments, and it felt really easy to make after What's Mine is Yours, which was the vid I made before and which was *hard*.

Hardest Vid to Make

I don't know that Never Look Away was *hard* -- I let myself use more well-known clips than I have with past Buffy vids, I didn't have to learn new tech skills -- but it was draining and not as much fun as I'd hoped. That's part of why I haven't made another vid since. Like I said, I wanted a vid that showed my Buffy feels and it just didn't, not like I'd hoped. I dunno. Maybe part of the problem is that I love Buffy for so many different reasons, and I just couldn't fit them all in one vid. Luminosity's Scooby Road, and especially Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight, still does that best for me.

The Things I Learned This Year

My short period of vidding might be coming to a close, and I think I'm OK with that. I still have a few vids I really want to make, and I hope I do. But between my vidding exhaustion post-Never Look Away and the various injuries that have made sitting at a computer a minor health risk, I can't be the prolific vidder I once hoped to be. And I'm fine with that.

Planning for Next Year

I have a bunch of vids I've started: an epic Xena/Gabrielle vid, and Gabrielle comedy vid, and an Aeryn Sun vid. I also have very solid, well thought out ideas for a Willow character study and a Stephen Universe vid. Hopefully I'll make at least one or two of these.

I might go to VidUKon. I mean, I absolutely want to go. I had so much fun last time, but work might interfere.

on 4/1/16 03:58 am (UTC)
chaila: (tscc - sarah)
Posted by [personal profile] chaila
I'm glad you did this anyway, I love reading them!

But still. I wanted even more feels.

I know this, er...feel. Sometimes, for me, it's the actual work and mechanics of making the vid which sucks some of the feelings out of it, like I just get too close to it or sick of it or something, and I can never see it right after that. And sometimes I just can't get all the feels in, because there are too many and they are too big to fit in a vid! Or the song isn't as complex as I need it to be for the many facets of my feels! I think this is partly why I vid the same thing multiple times a lot, because sometimes no one vid can get everything in. Anyway, that is a gorgeous vid!

Would love to see your Aeryn Sun vid someday, oh my. :)

on 16/1/16 04:53 am (UTC)
chaila: (tscc - sarah)
Posted by [personal profile] chaila
Oh yes, The Sower definitely is alllll my Sarah Connor feels, but it took multiple attempts and like...three years of just not doing it. It was such a RELIEF to have it done though, so I can store my feelings in it and they can live there and nag me less. :)

Yay! I'm still flabbergasted (and feel naive that I was surprised) at how hard it IS to find non-shippy vids for those characters. Look forward to that vid, whenever it appears. <3

on 4/1/16 04:54 am (UTC)
ghost_lingering: Minus prepares to hit the meteor out of the park (today I saved the world)
Posted by [personal profile] ghost_lingering
I definitely considered doing an end of year vidding meme and I only made one vid in 2015.

More importantly: I realized I never commented on Milkshake & Honey, which I loved! And I apparently missed Never Look Away entirely which I am rectifying right now.

on 4/1/16 06:54 am (UTC)
kuwdora: Pooka - card 60, brian froud (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] kuwdora
Well you know I love Milk and Honey. <3

on 4/1/16 02:54 pm (UTC)
dolorosa_12: (sister finland)
Posted by [personal profile] dolorosa_12
Both those vids are fantastic.


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