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Day 29: What is your current project or projects?

When I clipped for "Tightrope" last January and February, I also clipped for another Buffy vid focusing on Giles & Buffy's relationship, mostly from Giles' POV.  It was initially mostly a feels vid concept -- I love their relationship so so so much -- but then while I was clipping I read a really interesting essay by Angeria (and unless I'm misremembering the name and google isn't doing its usual job of figuring out what I mean for me, this person has deleted their account, sadface) someone whose name I don't remember!  Gah now it's gonna bug me all day.  It was about Giles and his evolution from a patriarchal figure to...well, I don't remember exactly what they said and I'm not sure I totally agreed with it anyway.  But it had a lot of great insights into Buffy's (and other young female characters') effect on Giles and made me want to show some of that as well.  I jotted down tons of notes in my vidding journal, and most of them still make sense to me!

So, after making "Tightrope" and getting wrist injuries and having other ideas I sort of forgot that I actually already had a vid (or two) worth of clips all clipped and ready!  So my next project is going to be to make that vid.  It feels like such a treat that I already clipped for it, and they're just sitting there ready to go.

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