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Overall, it made me really, really happy. I haven't watched Gilmore Girls since Mr. Adjacent and I binge-watched Seasons 1-6 back in 2008. (I still have never watched S7 since it aired.) That was before I'd ever watched Buffy! We had to rent the DVDs from a video store that we walked to! A lot has changed since then. The miniseries hit a lot of the same notes that really worked for me in the original show -- especially with Lorelai and Emily.

NPR's pop culture happy hour episode on the revival was pretty spot on, if a little more critical -- particularly of Rory's storyline -- than I was.

Not really spoilery reactions (though don't read if you don't want to know anything)
  • I did not expect to be so attached to Michel. Every scene with him was a joy. Was it because they finally let him be gay? Because he got just the right amount of screen time? The lack of Sukie? Whatever it was, I found myself seriously attached to him and his relationship with Lorelai.
  • I am finally sold on Lorelai/Luke. I wasn't against them before, but I wasn't particularly rooting for them either. But this series, and especially the final episode, really got me.
  • Emily Gilmore is still one of my favorite characters of all time.
  • Emily and Lorelai's relationship was the real heart of the miniseries. Rory got some OK stuff -- the book bit and the ensuing fight with Lorelai was the most interesting and compelling for me -- but really Emily and Lorelai was where it's at.
  • Edward Hermann's absence ran through the whole series, and they didn't shy away from it.
  • I thought maybe I was coming around to Logan, or that they were writing him in a way that worked better for me. Then his friends came back. OH MY GOD. Do the writers know how fucking annoying those characters and their antics are? Are they trying to write terrible people who I want to spit on? Or do they actually believe these characters are as charming/amusing as the characters themselves believe themselves to be? And as Rory believes them to be. Rory/writers, you lost so many points with me there. That whole scene was a big stain on what was otherwise a heart-wrenching joy of an episode.
  • On the other hand, I LOVED the Stars Hollow musical. Not sorry.
  • I still cannot ship Rory with any of her ex-boyfriends, but I did enjoy Jess's presence on the show overall.

Big plot spoilers here
  • So....they're gunning for more right? Another miniseries? Otherwise WTF is that cliffhanger ending? And Jess sneaking a look in at Rory with no follow up? I like this show, and I enjoyed the miniseries a LOT. But. I watched it the entire time believing that this was the wrap-up that the show never got. To have it leave off with the clear suggestion that More Is Coming left a bad taste in my mouth, as much as I enjoy watching Kelly Bishop in everything she does.
  • That being said, and assuming that there will be more -- Rory being pregnant is potentially a good storyline. I mean, I have seen very few pregnancy stories on tv that are actually women-centred, as this undoubtedly will be. I guess that is at least in part because of my tendency to watch sci-fi (I'm looking at you Farscape, I will actually never forgive you).

Also, I watched the first episode of the TV series today, and my god, Rory was a brat! I will usually go to bat for sullen teenage (well girls anyway) characters but all I could think was that if she continued to act like that there's no way I could rewatch the show. I know she doesn't, though. Which I guess is part of why I was so surprised.

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I wonder if those of us most invested in Lorelei and Emily could mostly sidestep the bratty Rory renaissance. I also didn't dislike it nearly as much as some people, though I repeatedly yelled grow up at the screen.

Like you, I was surprised how much I liked Michel and Logan (until his buddies). Can't agree on the musical. I felt both it and the buddies sequence took up way too much time that I wanted to see filled with more of our main characters.

But overall, I really enjoyed it with the exception of PAUL. That was an unnecessary plot that really made me hate Rory and her winy self centeredness.

Otoh, Paris was awesome as always even in her OTTness....

(I also went back to the first ep, though I feel like Rory has grown much too little since then--and it IS much more forgiving in a 16 year old...)


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