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Title: What's Mine is Yours
Fandom: Orphan Black
Song: "What's Mine is Yours" by Sleater-Kinney
Characters: Sarah Manning, Felix Dawkins, Siobhan Sadler, Kira Manning, Helena
Summary: Let's wreck their precious, perfect town
Much thanks to [personal profile] violace for beta and cheerleading!

Content Notes: Uses scenes through S2, but spoilers are more of the character/relationship variety than the plot variety. Lots of speed changes, stuttery cutting, flashing lights, spinning camera. Institutional violence. Violence and gore typical of the show, but I think the, memorable violence/gore scenes have not been included. Feel free to ask specific questions about content.

Download: 139 Mb 720p | 76 Mb 480p

Subtitles are included in the download .zip files. To use subtitles, remove the name "Big" or "Small" from the end of the movie file name. You can delete the .srt file if you don't want subtitles. They are also available in the streaming versions.

Streaming: Youtube | Vimeo

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I finished The Peacekeeper Wars and almost immediately turned around and re-watched the Farscape pilot. I've never done that before (much as I've been tempted at times), but it's been over two years since I started the series, so I hardly remembered it. Needless to say, it held my attention much more this time around. I especially was overwhelmed with Moya feels the first time John sees her, and felt a lot of sadness/excitement for John. The part I'd remembered best was the UST filled conversation between Zhaan and D'Argo, which I very much enjoyed again.

Also, I hadn't realized that Rygel had been the one to break them out of their cells! Good for him. Now he's done like five things I approve of. (I am not a Rygel fan.)

Oh, and the PKW was pretty good too! Some silliness, but also some really fun comedy and action for Aeryn. I felt like she got more agency in the PKW than she did in, like, all of S4, so that was cool too. And I finally found out where the "shooting makes me feel better" line came from -- I always assumed it was from S1 and I'd missed it.

Um, there were a few moments that also made me very sad. I won't say which.

Also I've now watched all the Farscape vids I know about (so, like eight) and they are great. I still never know if people appreciate comments on old vids, which I then often use as an excuse to not do it, but...I might be leaving comments on some of your old vids, folks.

My Orphan Black vid is basically done, but my brain has decided that I have to color and gamma-correct basically every clip. Probably overkill, but it is *so* satisfying to adjust the black levels and see how much prettier the image becomes.

Festivids! I am Festivids-adjacent again this year, which means that if you want to squee/rant/ask for beta at me, I'm up for it!

ETA: I tagged this entry with vidding: history because that topic makes up the bulk of the discussion in the comments.

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I've had a lovely Saturday morning. It's warm enough out that I have the window open and can listen to the birds, but cool and grey enough that I'm snuggled up in a blanket and my favorite hoodie while I do it. I'm enjoying many cups of coffee, some great fannish conversations here and on twitter, and I spent two hours video chatting with my BFF, who I don't talk to nearly enough.

Lately I've felt weirdly listless on weekends, like I almost wanted to go to work because I didn't know what to do with myself. I was feeling bored and unmotivated, and to top it off the last few weekends I've had headaches which make a lot of my hobbies tough. It's nice to be genuinely enjoying the time off.

And my fannish goal is to finish my Orphan Black vid, if not this weekend then by the end of next week.
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[personal profile] goodbyebird asked: talk about your current vids in progress.

Mainly an Orphan Black Team Sadler+ vid. I'm pretty excited about it right now which is not great timing when my wrists are acting up a bit (don't worry, I'm writing this on my phone) and I really aught to be packing for my upcoming move next weekend.

The song is perfect for the subject and is a cool song to vid. I've gotten very comfortable vidding "white people with acoustic instruments" type music, and this isn't that. My usual Neko Case/Indigo Girls/Ani Difranco/Decemberists thing is easy music for me to vid, in part because I often prefer to vid to the melody and harmony than to the drums, and that type of music lends itself well to that style. Along with vague song lyrics :D. But sometimes I think it's funny that I mostly vid that type of music when it's not what I mostly listen to. Anyway the song I'm vidding right now is a challenge for me in a good way.

However, the song has a section that any reasonable watcher-of-vids would expect me to edit out, and I'm not. Instead I'm doing something that I think is awesome with it. Something that, once I committed to it, ended up putting a really cool twist on the whole concept of the vid. But it makes the vid 5 minutes long, and some people might find that part hard to watch/listen to. So I'm recognizing that not everyone will probably like my choice. That's fine, because I think it's awesome.


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