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My vids

Welcome! Feel free to poke around and check out my vids and fannish posts. Subscribe and unsubscribe as you like. If you subscribe I'll automatically grant access. Then you'll see my RL posts as well as my fannish posts and vid posts. Feel free to let me know if you want to opt out of RL posts and I'll un-grant you access, no worries.

My vids in reverse chronological order

19: Airplane (Xena:Warrior Princess; Gabrielle, Argo the Horse, and Xena. September 2017)

18. Electric Lady (Steven Universe, fusion ensemble, premiered June 2017 at VidUKon)

17: Freedom (Underground, ensemble, premiered June 2016 at VidUKon)

16: Never Look Away (BtVS, Buffy character study/tribute. April 2015, premiered in June at VidUKon)

15: Milkshake & Honey (Orphan Black; ensemble. February 2015)

14: What's Mine is Yours (Orphan Black; Sarah-focused ensemble. November 2014.)

13. Starkville (Xena: Warrior Princess; Gabrielle character vid. Premiered at VidUKon June 2014.)

12. Become You (Xena: Warrior Princess; Xena/Lao Ma, Xena/M'lila, Gabrielle. Made in March 2014, premiered in May 2014 for Wiscon 38)

11. Fire Door (Friday Night Lights: Tyra, January 2013)

10. Everywhere (Xena: Warrior Princess: Xena/Gabrielle, November 2013.)

9. A Thousand Miles (Elementary: Joan & Sherlock Platonic friendship, August 2013.)

8. Tightrope (BtVS: Buffy, Scoobies, April 2013.  Premiered in August for Club Vivid.)

7. Sons and Daughters (Whale Rider: ensemble, January 2013, Festivids)

6. Maybe Sparrow (Angel: Wesley Character, September 2012)

5. The Island (The Black Stallion, August 2012)

4. Burn the Mazes (BtVS: Willow Character, June 2012)

3. Under Stars (BtVS: Buffy Character, June 2012)

2. Deeds that Have Made Me (BtVS: Buffy Character, May 2012)

1. The World is a Very Scary Place (BtVS: S1 ensemble, January 2012)

Blanket Permission

Feel free to to post my vids, post critiques, analysis, etc, screen them in events/classes, and use them in transformative works.  I would be honored if anyone engaged with my fanworks in these ways. But please refer people to the individual vid post or this post if you do so.

You're also welcome to link to any of my public posts. However, if you know my real name, please do not associate that name with this journal or pseudonym.


In all my vids I warn for graphic violence, sexual and domestic violence, suicide, and major character death. I also warn for stuttery cuts and bright flashes (which are more likely to appear in my vids than the above). I welcome any questions about content of my vids as well as recommendations for warnings I haven't used; feel free to PM me here or gmail me at frayadjacent12.

I'm slowly adding subtitles to all my vids; if there's a vid you want subtitled right away, please let me know and I'll get to it first thing.