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Maybe I have no internal sense of composition. I know I rarely brighten my icons enough. Also, with vidding I'm much more excited to learn the technical skills needed to do a decent job. When I icon I just want to hurry up and have something good without having to look at photoshop tutorials or whatnot.

Anyway, I've forever wanted an Anya "I'm so pleased" icon because that phrase, with her voice saying it, is always in my head. So I made a couple today and they are meh. It's hard to see her face -- 100x100 is so tiny! But if I cropped more you wouldn't see the money and her funny hand gestures.

Anya looking at her board game winnings, text says "I'm so pleased"  A different cap of Anya looking at her winnings, text says "I'm so pleased" ETAAnya happy with boardgame winnings, text says "i'm so pleased"

I'm not fishing for complements! If anything, I'm fishing for patient explanations as to what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's my cap choice.

(BTW, that first one uses a texture that someone else made -- [personal profile] goodbyebird, was that you? I'm sorry I didn't take note to properly give credit! Not that I'm doing much with these.)

ETA: I worked a bit more on the second one -- brightening it up around her face, fiddling with the background, tilting the text, and I do like this better. Huh.

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Why is there a little "crosspost settings" link at the bottom of a "Post an Entry" page if clicking on the link causes you to lose your post that made you want to edit your crosspost settings in the first place??!!  Grrrr.

OK, no one is going to see "30 Days of Vidding: days 14-16".  It was too boring to retype, to be honest.  Next time I'm in the mood I'll start with #17.

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I bought my partner a refurbished Thinkpad for Christmas last year.  He's a tough person to buy for and I thought I'd finally triumphed: now he could play PC games (while I vid!  it was going to be perfect!).  

He played a few games for two or three weeks, then stopped using the computer.  :(

So, this week I decided to commandeer it.  I started by installing a fresh version of Windows 7, taking advantage of my last quarter of student status to get it free from my university.  Installation went fine, but now the damn thing won't connect to the internet.  Apparently there is a problem with a network adapter or a driver or something.  Windows helpfully suggests that, if drivers aren't properly installed, I connect to the internet to see if updates are available.

I've found some instructions but they all involve clicking on various icons or services that don't exist.  Maybe because the driver isn't installed? 

I generally don't take a position on the whole Mac vs Windows thing, mainly cause I'm not that impressed with Macs and I clearly don't know much about PCs, but this is really a bad start.


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