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I'm putting together a panel for vidukon on vid feedback.  I haven't sorted out what the panel will look like, and I know that at Vividcon there have been multiple panels related to feedback and beta processes.  If anyone knows of posts that have talked about what was covered in those panels, how the panelists structured it, etc, I'd love to see them!  Or if anyone put on or attended one of those panels and wants to tell me about it, that would also be awesome!  Also, general posts about feedback/beta processes would be super useful.

(I have looked at the Fanlore pages for VVCs past, and they include links to some people's post-con write-ups, which have been a helpful start for sure.)

Right now I definitely want to include some space to discuss whether/how we can constructively criticise vids for their content and not just their form, but I don't really see myself filling a full time slot with just that.  In addition to that, I was thinking some other things that might be good to do:

 - a group concrit or beta process as part of the panel (I'd ask for volunteers to submit a vid for this, or do one of my own). 

 - people share experiences with feedback/beta that was helpful and talk about why

 - people talk about how they approach being a beta or other ways of giving feedback

Any other ideas?  I'm in brainstorm mode so I'd love to hear anything that might be relevant.  Even thoughts on feedback, praise, and constructive criticism of things other than vids would be super cool.
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I listened to some of my current & future vidsongs on my run today, and had a couple of revelations:

1. My Angel WIP, which I'd nearly given up on because the song doesn't build and I was starting to feel like the vid doesn't go anywhere, is totally salvageable.  I just need to edit the song!  At 3.5 minutes it is too much song for what I'm trying to say, but at ~2 minutes it will work fine.  And now that I attended [personal profile] heresluck and [personal profile] nestra's audio editing panel, I'm more confident I can!  (I'd already edited the audio some to get it down to 3 1/2 minutes, but now I'm ready to get in there with a mf-ing chainsaw.  First chorus and second verse will likely not survive the Wrath of Fray.)

2. I worked out some point-of-view issues I'd been struggling with in visualizing a Xena vid that I hope to make but haven't started yet.  I knew I wanted multiple points of view, but I wasn't sure how to go about it.  But I listened to the song once and really focused on that aspect, and it became totally clear how to structure the POV, thanks in part to [ profile] greensilver and [ profile] sweetestdrain's "A Matter of Perspective" panel. ([personal profile] kass's panel notes.)  \o/

Now I just gotta make the damn things.  :/

(Also, I am posting this in part because of the discussion during joyo's panel on motivation.  I'm thinking maybe if I post about my works in progress I'll be more motivated to finish them?)

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I'm home from my first Vividcon, my CVV premiere is uploading, last night's Breaking Bad is downloading, and D and I both don't have to go to work tomorrow.  Or ever again -- at least not in our current former jobs!

More later.  I'm a bit tired, but pleased.

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... to VIVIDCON!! For my first time ever!

What with all the other excitement in my life I sort of forgot to be excited about VVC until I started packing last night.  But then I remembered I finally get to MEET some of the lovely wonderful people I've been interacting with here for the past year and now I can't wait!

Luckily, I don't have to much longer.  Off to the bus I go!


1 July 2013 08:22 pm
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OMG I just looked at the VividCon schedule for the first time in months and I am so excited!!
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I'm all registered and paid up for Vividcon!  !!!   I'm thrilled!  I can't wait to meet so many of my favorite vidders, and attend panels, and dance at Club Vivid, and watch SOOOO many vids.  \o/

And yesterday I finished clipping for my Club Vivid vid!  I'd been clipping for, like, a month and a half.  I cannot wait to open up Final Cut and start laying down clips.  But first I need to work a bit more on organizing them.  My focus for this vid will be developing my skills at working with motion -- both internal and external -- so I want to at least do some level of categorizing clips along those lines.  I already have the basic thematic structure of the vid storyboarded as well as a few points in the vid where I know exactly what clip I want.  So most of the rest of the vid will be built around those parameters, with motion as a (probably the) main determinant of clip choice within that framework.

And finally, [community profile] tightpresent closed for offers/requests last night, which means my assignment is coming soon!  Time to start ripping my TSCC DVDs.  Hooray!
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Day 8: In your own space, talk about setting yourself a fannish goal.

I have SO many fannish goals.  Here are the main ones.

1. Go to Vividcon!  This will be my self-reward for finishing my dissertation. 

2. Vid for Vividcon!

3. Make a few vids aimed specifically at developing a new skill.  For instance, I'm starting to clip for my (hopeful) Club Vivid submission, and will be focusing on learning how to use -- and add -- motion more effectively.

4. Learn photoshop well enough to make passable icons.  I'd love to gain this skill as a way to make gifts for people, since I'll never be writing fic and making a vid is a huge endeavor.  Also, as much as I love many of the icons out there, I'd really like to be able to make my own.

(Day 7 was friendslocked due to cat photos.  I'll happily add you if you want; just let me know.)

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 1. Do club vivid vids need to premiere at VividCon?  Or can they be old or nearly-new?

 2. What does hurt/comfort mean?  In the context of, e.g., a warning or content notes on fic?


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