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I'm starting to wonder if I should think twice about vidding my favorite songs. "Starkville" is very high on a long list of Indigo Girls songs I looooove, but I still can't listen to it without thinking of the vid the whole time, to the point where the song is secondary. Plus vidding gets me listening to the song So. Many. Times and so of course I get a little tired of it.

Though a few weeks ago I was listening to Neko Case's Blacklisted, which I hadn't heard in some time. "Tightly" came on when I wasn't expecting it, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn't haunted by images of "Under Stars" the entire time. So I guess it can wear off eventually. After two or three years. If you never re-watch the vid. /o\

Speaking of Indigo Girls and Xena vids I have made to their songs, I occasionally consider a post-series Gabrielle POV vid to Dairy Queen until I remember that it would break me. This song came on my mp3 player a few weeks after I watched "Friend in Need" and there I was, tearing up on the bus. Which is funny: that song used to make me cry because it reminded me of my ex-gf. Growth, maybe?

Sometimes I think I really should have just made a Xena fanmix and not a vid series. But I'm committed now.

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[personal profile] umadoshi asked: describe your comfort zone: a typical you vid.

In a nutshell, a character study looking through the lens of a relationship (not necessarily romantic). Or, more accurately, a study on how a relationship shapes and changes a character. I suspect that this wouldn't describe the majority of my vids, but it would describe a plurality. It's probably more true of my recent vids than my past ones; none of my Buffy vids focuses on any of her relationships. Even "Deeds That Have Made Me" is not about her relationship with Angel per se; it's about the lasting effects that killing him had on her.

This isn't so much because it's what's comfortable as it is an expression of what interests me and what kind of music gives me vid bunnies.

Speaking of, it's more accurate to say that I have a major comfort zone when it comes to music. I really prefer to vid music with lots of acoustic instrumentation, kind of in the broad folk/indi genre. I think only two of my vids fall outside this category. And probably about half of my current vid ideas are this general type of music as well. I just find music like that really fun and easy to vid.
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[personal profile] goodbyebird asked: talk about your current vids in progress.

Mainly an Orphan Black Team Sadler+ vid. I'm pretty excited about it right now which is not great timing when my wrists are acting up a bit (don't worry, I'm writing this on my phone) and I really aught to be packing for my upcoming move next weekend.

The song is perfect for the subject and is a cool song to vid. I've gotten very comfortable vidding "white people with acoustic instruments" type music, and this isn't that. My usual Neko Case/Indigo Girls/Ani Difranco/Decemberists thing is easy music for me to vid, in part because I often prefer to vid to the melody and harmony than to the drums, and that type of music lends itself well to that style. Along with vague song lyrics :D. But sometimes I think it's funny that I mostly vid that type of music when it's not what I mostly listen to. Anyway the song I'm vidding right now is a challenge for me in a good way.

However, the song has a section that any reasonable watcher-of-vids would expect me to edit out, and I'm not. Instead I'm doing something that I think is awesome with it. Something that, once I committed to it, ended up putting a really cool twist on the whole concept of the vid. But it makes the vid 5 minutes long, and some people might find that part hard to watch/listen to. So I'm recognizing that not everyone will probably like my choice. That's fine, because I think it's awesome.

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I'm doing that vidding meme! And am happy to take more requests.

[personal profile] violace asked: Is there a genre or style you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole?

I don't know that I'd call it a genre or style, but anything with a lot of graphic violence -- or, more accurately, certain specific types of graphic violence. I can't even stand to watch that stuff, much less vid it. I also probably wouldn't do much with explicit sex/porn, but I won't say never. Actually the more I think about it the more it appeals to me as a challenge -- some day.

I suppose there is a style of vid to cheesy love ballads (e.g. Celine Dion) and whatnot that I can't really imagine making because I can't stand the music. I do genuinely appreciate the earnestness of such vids though. And I had to talk myself out of including Power of Two as a candidate vidsong for Xena Vid Series From Hell, so even that boundary is apparently squishy.

[personal profile] thirdblindmouse asked: Is there a section of canon above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?

So, since TBM asked, I'm going to talk about Xena canon here, because it's a shared interest and because that's the fandom where this question is easiest to answer. Because as much as I enjoy the camp and the slash and the fun of Xena, there is basically one thing that has inspired my intense fannishness for the Xena/Gab pairing and for the show overall, and that is Xena and Gabrielle's ongoing debate about How to Fight the Good Fight*.

For me, the two parter "The Debt" from Season 3 and Gabrielle's pacifism arc which is a focus of season 4 (but resonates throughout the series) are the center of this debate. In the early seasons of the show, Gabrielle is generally shown to be -- and believed by the characters to be -- the one with a more developed moral compass.  "The Debt" tears this apart by showing Gabrielle how much more complex the world is, and that a knee-jerk "killing is wrong" position can cause more harm than not. It is forever to my dismay that the S3 Rift Arc focuses so much on Hope and leaves Gabrielle's betrayal of Xena in "The Debt" as background, but I choose to read it differently, and that is an important part of both my XVSFH vids so far ("Become You" and "Starkville").

As Gabrielle spends more time with Xena and her worldview grows more complex, she finds that her love of Xena and her wish to not commit violence are irreconcilable. For a while she tries to practice non-violence while accepting that this is not an option for Xena, and tries to make it work. But it doesn't. It can't. So ultimately she chooses Xena, and I think breaks a little bit of her heart doing so.

I continue to be blown away by this arc, because I so often find the presentation of pacifism on shows to be obnoxious, heavy-handed, or dismissive. Xena takes pacifism seriously, and it also takes the violence of the world the characters live in seriously, and it integrates those themes into the characters' relationship -- it makes it deeply personal. And that is why I love it.

(OK, the other main reason I love Xena/Gab is because those two are always telling each other how much they love each other. That kind of open, honest communication is my relationship catnip, see also my love of Friday Night Lights.)

*This is also like 80% of my love for Angel the Series, and Gunn's character arc in particular, the other 20% being Lorne.

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Day 17: Titles: Do you try to use something different than the song? Why or why not?

I usually use the song title, unless it just doesn't work for me at all.  Most notably, the song (or should I say "piece"?  I don't get non-pop music.) used for "The Island" is called "Little Jonathan/The Wall".  Not a good vid title.  So I named it after a chapter in the book that the movie was adapted from (The Black Stallion).  Because my vid was basically documenting the events over the course of that chapter.

Day 18: Where do you get the most inspiration for your vids from?

The songs.  I know a lot of people will have a vid idea and look for a song, but sometimes I do the opposite: I have a song I really want to vid, and I look for an idea that'll work for it.  "A Thousand Miles" and "Everywhere" are both examples of this. 

The only time I've had an idea and looked for a song was for Festivids.  And even then I wasn't so much looking for a song for a specific idea as a song that generally seemed to fit the source and the recipient's wishes.  After I narrowed it down to a few songs I found I had pretty different ideas for all of them, and I chose partially based on which idea I liked best.

Most of the time, though, it's just listening to a song that gives me a vid bunny.  Usually for a source that I'm actively excited about.

Of course, watching something that's really beautifully or interestingly filmed will make me want to vid it.  But that doesn't lead to ideas, as my lack of Veronica Mars vids will attest. (Mars Investigations has got to be one of my favorite sets of all time, and I love love love the way they light it.)

Day 19: When you have vid ideas, do you sit down and start vidding right away, or do you write down the idea for further exploration later?

Ha!  I most certainly do not start vidding right away.  I'd say the turn-around between getting an idea and actually starting editing is at least 6 months on average.  Because I'm usually working on another vid, and/or other things are happening in my life, and then I have to acquire source and sometimes I have to re-watch and then there's the little question of motivation.  Again, Festivids is really the only exception.

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I listened to some of my current & future vidsongs on my run today, and had a couple of revelations:

1. My Angel WIP, which I'd nearly given up on because the song doesn't build and I was starting to feel like the vid doesn't go anywhere, is totally salvageable.  I just need to edit the song!  At 3.5 minutes it is too much song for what I'm trying to say, but at ~2 minutes it will work fine.  And now that I attended [personal profile] heresluck and [personal profile] nestra's audio editing panel, I'm more confident I can!  (I'd already edited the audio some to get it down to 3 1/2 minutes, but now I'm ready to get in there with a mf-ing chainsaw.  First chorus and second verse will likely not survive the Wrath of Fray.)

2. I worked out some point-of-view issues I'd been struggling with in visualizing a Xena vid that I hope to make but haven't started yet.  I knew I wanted multiple points of view, but I wasn't sure how to go about it.  But I listened to the song once and really focused on that aspect, and it became totally clear how to structure the POV, thanks in part to [ profile] greensilver and [ profile] sweetestdrain's "A Matter of Perspective" panel. ([personal profile] kass's panel notes.)  \o/

Now I just gotta make the damn things.  :/

(Also, I am posting this in part because of the discussion during joyo's panel on motivation.  I'm thinking maybe if I post about my works in progress I'll be more motivated to finish them?)

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I've heard a number of vidders say that the bridge is the hardest part to vid, and some even take it out of the song.  But when I get a vid idea, the bridge is almost always the clearest part of my vision.  It's a moment of transition, it connects whatever I'm trying to say in the introduction to the end.  It often builds toward a climactic moment in the song.  It's great for capturing change -- in the characters, in their relationships, in the story.  And it's gloriously free of any random awkward lyric that doesn't work and you hope people ignore.  It's almost always the thing that gets me excited to make a vid, and it's almost always the part where I see the clip choice most clearly when I'm first starting.

I'm interested if other vidders find this to be the case.

(Also, three posts in one day!  I think this is a personal record.)
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It's festivids reveal day!  Or at least, it will be when you're reading this.  Or maybe it is much later by now.   Anyway, my first ever festivid was "Sons and Daughters", a Whale Rider vid for [personal profile] eruthros.

Happy Festivids!

Title: Sons and Daughters
Source: Whale Rider
Vidder: fray-adjacent
Song: "Sons and Daughters" by The Decemberists (edited)
Length: 2:56
Characters: Pai, ensemble
Content Notes: About the support and empowerment that characters offer each other.

Download: zipped 92 Mb H264 mov, subtitles file included

Streaming Password: daughters

Commentary on technical and creative process. )

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Title: The Island
Vidder:[ profile] fray_adjacent12
Fandom: The Black Stallion (1979)
Song: Little Jonathan/The Wall by Paul Cantelon (from the Everything is Illuminated Soundtrack)
Warnings: Spoilers for first 1/3 of movie only.

Download and streaming under cut )
My god vidding a movie sure is easier than a TV show.  Or at least it's less work finding clips.  My first vid where I chose the topic before the music -- and finding the right song took longer than clipping did.

I wish I'd finished this soon enough to submit it to Vividcon's "Let My Lyrics Go" show, but alas.  Maybe next year I'll have something in VVC.  :)
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Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (S1-S6)
Characters: Willow & Warren
Song: Virgin State of Mind
Artist: K's Choice
Download: 45 mb mp4

Password: burn

Lyrics and notes )


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