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And I liked it.  Especially Mac's hair. Between that and Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar Hair, I am seriously considering a cut.

Cut for amazing non-spoilery hair! )

A few stray, spoilery thoughts, including spoilers for the television series )

Hmm, I do feel like the above post suffers a bit from me having an easier time describing what I don't like than what I like.  Really!  I liked the movie a lot!  I will squee with you if you want to squee!  :D

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Our internet is out at home, so I've spent quite a lot of my work day catching up with online to-dos as well as checking in on facebook, DW, and whatnot.

With no Neflix*, D and I decided to rewatch S1 of Veronica Mars, which I have on DVD.  Several thoughts, as of disk 1:

 - I am ~twice Veronica's S1 age.  But I dress more like her than probably any other television character.  I'm not sure what to make of that.  (Though I did realize this morning that I could cosplay Joan Watson just by switching my shorts for a short flippy skirt and my sneakers for ankle boots.  Then again, I don't see myself ever wearing high heeled ankle boots, so.  Scratch that.)

 - What in god's name does Veronica see in that friend of Duncan's that she dates for a while? 

 - Keith Mars is soooooooo great.  Not that I didn't already know.  But it's worth repeating.  Veronica's relationship with her father never failed to be awesome.

*Before we lost internet, I was watching Orange is the New Black.  Um, no real thoughts to share just yet, but I like it so far!  I especially enjoy its ensemble feel when it expands into characters and relationships outside of Piper's orbit.  Not that I dislike Piper -- she's a good character -- but I think the show's at its best when it gives us an expansive view of the women in it.

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I contributed to the Veronica Mars kickstarter!  And am already daydreaming that Joss Whedon will be inspired to kickstart a film about Giles, Faith, and Robin battling demons and emotional isolation in Cleveland.  Or some other hellmouth, you know.  I know, I know, this is never happening.  But a fangirl can dream.

Vidding is going slow, but it's happening.  I'm holding out hope that I'll still be able to finish both my [community profile] tightpresent and Club Vivid vids, but if it turns out I can only do one, it'll be [community profile] tightpresent.  I think I've found a way to move clips to the timeline without dragging and dropping, which is really the worst part about vidding for my wrists.  So if that works I should be able to vid just fine.  I hope anyway!


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