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The wonderful [personal profile] lithiumdoll made me the Farscape Aeryn Sun vid of my heart! I'M SO PLEASED.

It beautifully explores Aeryn's complicated emotional connection to her PK past, and how that affected her relationships with the Moya crew. It shows her unlearning of her authoritarian upbringing and learning to fight the power. It lovingly pays tribute to her relationships with all the other characters. Oh my heart. <3333

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[community profile] ladiesbingo -- a challenge for fanworks about relationships between women -- signups are happening! I'm excited to participate although I'm not sure I'll manage to actually get a bingo. But it will be fun to participate and it should help motivate me with vidding.

Yesterday I opened Premiere for the first time since, like, April and dropped my Aeryn Sun vidsong onto the timeline and added some notes (using titles on the sequence itself) about how I'm going to structure the vid. I got warm fuzzies just opening up Premiere! So hopefully the motivation to actually vid will return. But I still need to rewatch that last run of S3 and then see if I can salvage anything from S4 -- I hated a lot of what they did with Aeryn that season.

Also I'm probably going to officially do festivids this year. Between that, [community profile] ladiesbingo , and my goal to finish the Aeryn Sun vid for Wiscon next year, I have a rough plan for getting my mojo back.

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I finished The Peacekeeper Wars and almost immediately turned around and re-watched the Farscape pilot. I've never done that before (much as I've been tempted at times), but it's been over two years since I started the series, so I hardly remembered it. Needless to say, it held my attention much more this time around. I especially was overwhelmed with Moya feels the first time John sees her, and felt a lot of sadness/excitement for John. The part I'd remembered best was the UST filled conversation between Zhaan and D'Argo, which I very much enjoyed again.

Also, I hadn't realized that Rygel had been the one to break them out of their cells! Good for him. Now he's done like five things I approve of. (I am not a Rygel fan.)

Oh, and the PKW was pretty good too! Some silliness, but also some really fun comedy and action for Aeryn. I felt like she got more agency in the PKW than she did in, like, all of S4, so that was cool too. And I finally found out where the "shooting makes me feel better" line came from -- I always assumed it was from S1 and I'd missed it.

Um, there were a few moments that also made me very sad. I won't say which.

Also I've now watched all the Farscape vids I know about (so, like eight) and they are great. I still never know if people appreciate comments on old vids, which I then often use as an excuse to not do it, but...I might be leaving comments on some of your old vids, folks.

My Orphan Black vid is basically done, but my brain has decided that I have to color and gamma-correct basically every clip. Probably overkill, but it is *so* satisfying to adjust the black levels and see how much prettier the image becomes.

Festivids! I am Festivids-adjacent again this year, which means that if you want to squee/rant/ask for beta at me, I'm up for it!

ETA: I tagged this entry with vidding: history because that topic makes up the bulk of the discussion in the comments.

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Farscape: I have just one episode left! Well, I think so anyway, I've been avoiding looking up lists of episode titles in case there are spoilers. I realize I've hardly posted about the show even though I've liked it a lot and I love love love Aeryn Sun. So here is an unsorted and unformatted selection of my thoughts.

I didn't give this show the attention it deserves and requires. I watched it over the course of something like 2 1/2 years -- I watched the first half dozen episodes of season 1, waited more than a year, watched up through the start of season 4 off and on over about six months, hated early season 4 and took at least six months to get through the first 12 episodes, and have watched the rest of season 4 this week. Furthermore, I often had one eye on Twitter or something else while I watched, which is not my normal way of watching tv AT ALL, but I developed the habit during some boring/bad S1 episodes and never fully shook it. So now I feel like there's a lot I missed, thematically, character-wise, and in terms of plot. I already feel like I need to rewatch.

I was thinking the other day about what it takes for me to fall in love with a show, and at what point in the show that happens. My favorite shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena, and Friday Night Lights. I fell in love with the last of these immediately, and the love uh, *almost* never faltered (coughmurdersubplotcough). Conversely, Xena was a show I enjoyed, but no more, until the final season, when I really fell hard for the Xena/Gabrielle pairing. Now I see the entire series through the lens of what the last season did in terms of their relationship (and what seasons 3 & 4 did for Gabrielle's character) and I love it all. Buffy was somewhere in between. I loved it a lot the first time I watched, but it wasn't until I started rewatching (and rewatching and rewatching) and discussing it that I got really into it.

I bring this up because I suspect that Farscape, like Xena and to some extent Buffy, will be a show that will impress me most when viewed as a whole. There has been a ton of narrative follow-through in these last few episodes. Like people told me when I started, shit *matters* on Farscape. I've been enjoying that a lot.

In terms of character, some of my favorite things include the radiant Aeryn Sun, as well as the way the show has depicted the impact of imprisonment and homesickness on the characters. I've mostly enjoyed their interpersonal dynamics. Relationships are fraught and tenuous, but for good reason. The plotlines with Crais, Scorpius, and Talyn have been interesting and I've liked them quite a bit.

However, I do wish the show was more of an ensemble, because I don't really connect to John Crichton the way I'm supposed to. I feel for his homesickness, I like his sense of humor and kindness. But I was also endlessly frustrated with everyone insisting that he was ignorant, that his ideas were bad and always went wrong, that he wasn't the hero we the audience were expecting him to be, when the narrative quite frankly kept making him pretty much exactly the hero we expect. The show put a lot of effort into telling us that John wasn't your usual sci-fi hero, but it did not succeed at showing it. Like even though he didn't earn or want it, he still spends most of the show as the most important single person in the known universe, and it just grates on me.

Also, I know this is pretty random, but remember in an early episode where there's a flashback to John's life on Earth, and a moment when he was about to propose to his girlfriend, but then she told him she was going to grad school or medical school or something instead of following him and building her career around his? And so he gets the super sads and is totally betrayed and doesn't propose and we're all supposed to feel bad for him? I cannot emphasize enough how much I fucking hated that, how close to home that shit is for me, and I think it's why I basically didn't like John for a long time thereafter. I know it's not a particularly strong argument, but the point is that so much of the show revolves around John, a character I've come to care about and like, but it took a damn long time due to some basic smart white guy tropes that the show fell into that I find particularly annoying. And I wish I'd seen more time spent on other characters, especially Aeryn (though she got a fair amount) and Chiana and D'Argo. Also I really, really liked Jool and her brattiness and ridiculous scream and super smartness. I'd have really loved more Jool.

Anyway this is not my final word on Farscape, I obviously, I know there's a lot to it that I've straight up missed and I'm looking forward to exploring it deeper through vids and some meta and rewatching certain episodes. I'm happy to take recommendations for fanworks including meta! And to know other people's thoughts.
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Each day, write a post about one of your favorite women, trans*, and/or genderqueer characters. A tribute, a defense, an epic meta, a bullet-points list of why you love them, whatever you like! Or post a rec for a vid, fic, meta, or other fanwork that illustrates why you love them.

Last time: Sarah Manning

So, this is a bit of a risk because I still haven't finished season four and am mostly trying to avoid spoilers. That being said, at this point like 90% of why I watch Farscape -- as opposed to abandoning it and letting myself be spoiled so I can finally watch those vids I've been dying to see -- is Aeryn Sun.

Really, a huge part of what I love about her is in her season 1 arc. She starts off a loyal and ambitious Peacekeeper, one who will not just follow the rules but actively maintain the oppressive structures they serve. And in many ways she's happy. She resents, intensely, that she's forced out of it.

It's only her experiences on board Moia -- and over the course of a year -- that she learns better. She experiences a new kind of camaraderie. She sees how the Peacekeepers harm others, and she realises that she doesn't want to do that anymore. And she gives Crais one of my favorite speeches on any show ever:

Crais: I am still your commanding officer.

Aeryn: But I am no longer a Peacekeeper!

Crais: You are a Peacekeeper for life. On the oath you took-

Aeryn: Your oath means nothing to me! You made sure of that. You destroyed everything. I lost everything because of you!

Crais: Aeryn -Sun!

Aeryn: Do you know what I learned when I was away from you? Everything I lost isn't worth a damn. And I don't want to go back to your past.

Crais: I - ORDER - you -

Aeryn: You order me? (she takes his ident chip) You will never order me again.

Crais: I - will track you - down - and KILL you, Officer Sun! On that I give you my vow!

Aeryn: You know what I give you Crais? Your life. I will make you watch - your life. (and with that she powers up The Chair and sweeps the pots up and Crais screams and screams and screams as she leaves)

Sigh. Now that is a girl after my own heart.

Crais, as it happens, in many ways follows in Aeryns footsteps as a direct consequence of her actions at the end of S1.

I love Aeryn's relationships with the rest of their renegade crew, especially Pilot (god, "The Way We Weren't" hurt my heart), D'Argo, with whom she shares an understanding as a fellow warrior, and John. Though that last one is complicated for me because I don't really ship them. I like John fine enough -- actually, in his goofy moments he reminds me of my favorite cousin, who also sorta looks like him -- but I often feel like I don't really get what Aeryn sees in John, and at times it feels like she loves him just because he's the protagonist. Anyway, I digress.

I love how she struggles with her emotions. I love what a fighter she is. I totally love Aeryn Sun.
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[personal profile] goodbyebird asked: how many vid ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share any?

AKA Many Vid Plans post! I'll go by fandom. Intellectually I know I'm not likely to make all of these, but these are the ideas I'm actively excited about right now and mostly can't bear the thought of not making.

Xena Vid Series From Hell
2-5 more vids, depending on when you ask. The two I definitely still want to make are 1) a comedy vid about Gabrielle's Horse Fails and 2) an epic Xena/Gab vid that will be partly about coming to terms with the series finale. The first of these involved some of the most difficult song-editing I've done yet, so I figure I'm committed. The other three are 1) a "Xena has manpain" vid, which I've already planned out and will probably make, 2) a vid about Xena and Gabrielle's relationships with other women in the show (because damn there's a lot of women) and 3) a kink vid that I still don't quite have nailed down conceptually.

Orphan Black
I definitely want to make my OB kink vid. I'm also thinking about a clone ensemble vid but I might wait till after the third season. And maybe a Felix vid focusing on the less-awesome aspects of his relationship with Sarah and how it relates to his friendship with Allison.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Haha, more than I realized before making this list! 1) A Buffy character study, basically a counterpart/companion to Tightrope. 2) A Buffy-Dawn-Joyce feels vid. 3) A vid about Giles and Buffy that I completely clipped and subsequently lost interest in making. But I still hope I do. 4) A Willow-PoV vid about her friendship with Buffy.

Aeryn character vid. I still haven't finished season 4 though! /o\
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There is a very cool discussion about vidding -- process, tech, tips, you name it -- at [community profile] wiscon_vidparty's vidding workshop.  Check it out!  This is such a great idea and I hope it keeps happening. I would have *loved* to come across this when I started vidding or in my first year as a vidder.  I love coming across it now!

A lot of people are talking about their vidding process, most of which are similar to mine in the finding/discovering song --> re-watching and/or clipping --> song editing --> vid editing --> beta process, but I've discovered (and rediscovered) that it really helps me to combine the clipping and video editing.  Because clipping is so boring!  I.e., I set myself a goal for a number of episodes to clip, then once I finish I reward myself by laying some of those clips on the timeline!  It helps with motivation.  Plus, I usually get a lot of ideas when I clip and it helps to enact at least some of those ideas right away rather than writing them down or taking mental  notes that don't get acted upon for days to months. 

Also, according to [personal profile] heresluck, an initial rule of thumb for matching motion to a beat is to have the explosion, fist-hitting, etc happen three frames before the beat (then adjust as needed).  WHOA.  I usually line these things up on the same frame as the beat, and I wonder if this is part of why I often feel like my timing is a bit off-looking.  I am definitely going to try this out.  If it works I will be glad to have a solution/bitter I didn't realize this ages ago.

I haven't been around DW much, and my fannish mode has generally been a bit different lately. Cut for navel-gazing about recent non-participation on DW )

Anyway, I'm honestly considering just clearing out my inbox and starting fresh, with sincere apologies to people who left comments for me and never got a response.

In other vidding news:  I've been vidding like mad the past week or so.  I'm making a Xena vid that is really trying to explore moral and thematic questions -- and take positions and make arguments about said questions -- more so than probably any other vid I've made.  I've been really digging the process of making it.  I think because, unlike with my Buffy vids, Xena is still quite fresh and new for me and I feel really excited about what I want to say about it.  Also, with Buffy vids I have the constant feeling that every idea I've ever had has already been done, and probably better.  But to be honest I haven't found even half a dozen Xena vids that I like.  I'm sure there were tons back in the day but they seem to be gone or at least beyond my ability/motivation to find them.  So I actually feel like I can make a contribution? Anyway, one of the cool consequences of my vid farr is that I'm finally learning how to use After Effects a teensy bit because my excitement for the vid is overpowering my laziness.

*Yes I am watching Farscape and one of the zillions of DW posts I've written in my head the past 6 weeks is how utterly I've fallen for Aeryn Sun, and about my predictable lack of response to John and the Aeryn/John pairing.

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 Happy birthday to [personal profile] laurashapiro! I've enjoyed talking with you on DW, and it was so great to have breakfast with you at VVC last year. Thanks for giving me the final push to keep going with Farscape. I just finished "A Human Reaction" and am officially hooked. Anyway, hope you have a great day!


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