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Well, I thought I was going to become a Windows person for about 18 hours there, but the installation was so frustrating I gave up.  I could spend the weekend figuring out which drivers I needed to install and in what order.  Because without the drivers there was no way I could see to find out what kind of adapters my computer has and therefore what kind of drivers I need.  See how much sense it makes? 

Or I could just install Ubuntu, which I'd been debating doing anyway.  I harbor no illusions that this will be generally easier to learn or use than Windows, but I'm a lot more motivated to improve my knowledge and skills with Linux than with Microsoft products.  I already know some of the basics through work, though I've never had to deal with admin stuff before.  (Or been permitted to, for that matter.)

Still, within 5 minutes of inserting the Ubuntu install disk, I had functioning internet, and 2 hours later I've already installed VLC, Cinelerra (sorry, [personal profile] thirdblindmouse! I fear Blender), and some work-related apps. 


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I bought my partner a refurbished Thinkpad for Christmas last year.  He's a tough person to buy for and I thought I'd finally triumphed: now he could play PC games (while I vid!  it was going to be perfect!).  

He played a few games for two or three weeks, then stopped using the computer.  :(

So, this week I decided to commandeer it.  I started by installing a fresh version of Windows 7, taking advantage of my last quarter of student status to get it free from my university.  Installation went fine, but now the damn thing won't connect to the internet.  Apparently there is a problem with a network adapter or a driver or something.  Windows helpfully suggests that, if drivers aren't properly installed, I connect to the internet to see if updates are available.

I've found some instructions but they all involve clicking on various icons or services that don't exist.  Maybe because the driver isn't installed? 

I generally don't take a position on the whole Mac vs Windows thing, mainly cause I'm not that impressed with Macs and I clearly don't know much about PCs, but this is really a bad start.


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