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I am failboat about posting everyday.  I keep forgetting! 

In better news, my new boss gave me a small project to do while I wait for computer access for the work I was hired to do, and to help me learn Python. (Which I don't have to learn, but I want to.)  And today I finished it!  The result was mildly interesting but mostly it was just satisfying to do it.  Small, self-contained projects don't come around too often in the research world.  I suppose it's possible that my interpretation of the results was incorrect and there's more to it than I thought, but I think I did figure out the answer to a very, very small problem.

Anyway, the point of my post: should I give Once Upon a Time S3 a shot?  I wasn't too enamored with late S2 and lost what little interest I'd maintained over the summer break.  Bear in mind: I'm in this for the femslash and my favorite ladies, especially Mulan, Ruby, Snow, Regina, and Emma. 

No spoilers please!  (Which is why I'm asking y'all instead of reading your reaction posts!)

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 Two weeks of no internet just became "we'll let you know within ten days when you'll get your internet".  Ten days on top of the two weeks, mind you.  And it's not "you'll get your internet within ten days."  It's "you'll find out when you get your internet within 10 days".

I'm trying to keep some perspective here: I have my smartphone, I have internet at work (though setting up a fully functional computer account is taking quite a while as well), and there's wifi at cafes and other places.  Of all the basic things that could have been significantly delayed in this move, home internet is probably the lowest impact.

But actually this is sort of aggravating me, and more importantly I'm wondering if it's a sign of shitty service to come, as I'm starting to get the sense that my ISP-to-be, Optus, is generally considered worse than at least one other provider.  Fellow residents of Australia -- should I try to get out of my contract?  

I've had enough with waiting and am going to try to get last week's Breaking Bad and Elementary episodes from iTunes at a cafe or something.  I'm not sure if that wifi will support large downloads though -- we'll see.  I was mostly worried about not getting to watch Breaking Bad, but now watching Person of Interest has got me missing Elementary.  It didn't help that I rewatched my vid a few days ago.  Instead of scratching my Elementary-itch, it had me longing to see those two again, bantering and solving problems and hanging out with Clyde and making me so so happy.

On the other hand, clipping for Sekrit Vid is going well!  I have a long way to go before my self-imposed deadline, though.  Not having internet does admittedly help.

Speaking of vidding, when I set my new desk up to start vidding again, I had to decide whether to focus on Sekrit Vid or my Hunger Games vid idea.  I wanted to finish the latter before Catching Fire is released, which means I need to get working on it now.  I am not a make-a-vid-in-a-day -- or a week -- sort of vidder, even for a film.  But I realized that I just didn't have the motivation.  I'm much more excited for my HG vid ideas that will require more of the films than I was for this one, even though it was a decent idea.  So I decided to abandon it, which is always at least as much of a relief as it is sad.  Especially for vids I've only thought about but not yet put any work into.

I've been thinking a lot about how to increase my vidding productivity, not only because I think about it a lot but also because [personal profile] heresluck and [personal profile] jetpack_monkey have been posting about it as well.  For me, of course, the number one thing is to have an arrangement where vidding does minimal damage to my wrists.  I have that now -- a much better setup than I had in Seattle, where I never wanted to splurge on a real desk since I was planning to move.  So now it's about staying focused and motivated.  The thing that distracts me the most from vidding is not so much television, but internet.  I can easily surf the web for ages when I was planning to vid.  So, like I said before, not having internet right now has a silver lining -- maybe it'll help me establish better habits in my new environment. 

Also, for work I sometimes use the productivity apps Anti-Social or Freedom.  The latter prevents access to social networking sites (an any other of your choosing) for a specified time, while Freedom blocks the whole internet.  And they both require you to reboot if you want to turn them off ahead of time.  I've resorted to using these for vidding a few times in the past and I might start making it a semi-regular part of my computer use.  Once we have internet, anyway....


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