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So, basically it's a dream come true. I can supply caps, and all you amazing icon makers out there can do your magic with them! (OK, I realize not all of my caps will be made icons, but a girl can dream.) Whether you're an avid iconner or just like the pretty pictures, check out the request fest, running 'till June 7th!
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Mr. Adjacent and I are on Season 5 in our rewatch, so this was especially amusing.
“You’re so noble,” the villain sneered, because he’d totally expected him to do that noble thing he’d just done but he was totally secretly impressed. “Not like me. I do whatever I want. So why do I secretly admire and maybe even love you a little bit?”

 “Whoa,” he said.

“Wait,” the villain said. “I didn’t mean to say that last part. What I meant was why does your goodness shine through the light of my evil deeds and make me wish I was worth of you somehow?”

“Wait,” the villain said again. “You’re noble in a bad way, not a good way,” but it was too late. He was secretly good now, and they were going to become heroic friends.

via Flaws Only a Protagonist Could Have on The Toast.  (The whole thing is well worth a read.  OK the whole site is well worth a read.)
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I've been enjoying The Toast -- especially their comedy posts -- for a few months now, but I only discovered Femslash Fridays today.  Work procrastination, here I come!

The Buffy/Faith entry is mostly a reminder of why I avoid BtVS meta by people who aren't as crushingly emotionally invested in this show as I am.  They quip, I go, "but ... but..." in my whiniest voice.  Alas, as interesting as I find Buffy & Faith's dynamic, this is not the pairing for me.

The Sansa/Brienne entry, on the other hand, shows that my love of butch/femme easily overcomes problems like unfamiliarity with the source.  (OK, I am vaguely familiar with the source via fannish osmosis.  This is just another reason why I'm sad I'll never watch or read it.)

You know those women who out-gentleman every man you’ve ever met in your life? The ones who take the weird toxic masculinity of our society and refine it into an art form that involves less misogyny and more pocket squares? Brienne is that woman.

:: dies ::
The Kaylee/Inara section, of course, is perfect.  Who else thought these two were a couple the first time you saw "Serenity"?  I mean, the way they say, "hey you" is just all sorts of sexy.


3 October 2013 10:26 am
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A new Hyperbole and a Half post!!!  (If you don't know what that is: only click the link if you like awesome things.)


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