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So, I liked the episode pretty well over all, but for the first time I had some moments where I actually kind of *want* Joan to move out of the brownstone and get some distance from Sherlock. Because when he told Mycroft that, after they'd rescued Joan, Mycroft was never to contact her (or himself) again. And I just thought about the ways Sherlock pushed Joan away "for her own good" at the end of last season, and now he's doing it again and apparently nothing has changed on that front and none of his conversations with Joan in the last few episodes have made him realize she can make her own fucking choices. And I suddenly really want her to get some space from him. Also, that voice message he was leaving her at the start of the episode was fucking annoying. Ugh I am off to read some Joan/Marcus fic.

Date: 04/05/2014 01:26 am (UTC)
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Word. That boy needs to sort himself out. And it's not Joan's job to sort him.


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