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I loved episode 2.  Loved it.

First off, one of my main headcanons was kind of validated.  I was really, really hoping that Mrs. S ran off with Kira in order to protect her, and because she didn't trust Sarah to be able to do so.  I suppose the writers could still pull out the rug from under us, would be a pretty tough sell after this episode. 

I was kind of amazed by the brutal "fight" between Mrs. S and her old comrades.  Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen two middle aged women do that sort of thing before.  Keep it coming, Orphan Black.

Actually, I kind of had to pause the episode and take a deep breath after that scene.  My love for Mrs S, and her odd family unit with Sarah, Kira, and Felix just keeps deepening.  I need an icon.  Also possibly a vid.

My other main headcanon has been that Sarah's "specialness" RE fertility is simply due to not having been subject to 30 years of medical tests and interventions.  I'm open to other possibilities but I really hope the narrative doesn't "go there" in terms of Sarah being the original or some such nonsense.

This headcanon did seem to be contradicted by Rachel asking Cosima to figure out why Sarah could have kids and the others (presumably -- I'm sure they haven't all actually tried) can't.  Unless Rachel herself has been misled, which is a definite possibility.  But now I am way into speculation territory.

Ugh, I really hope there's no forced pregnancy plot in store for Helena.  Can she just kill them all and escape instead?

I loved Felix's scenes.  I especially loved his reaction to Alison.  I know she doesn't have many friends or people she trusts, and discovering that Donnie is her monitor was shattering.  But Felix's first loyalties are to Sarah and Kira, and I was glad to see that here.  Also, his remark about Costa Rica and "heard that one before" felt like a warning of future conflict based on Sarah's not-follow-throughness.  It immediately reminded me of [personal profile] radiophile's gorgeous Felix character study fic.   

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All of what you said!!!!!

That fight between Mrs. S and the other woman ... oh my god. No pulling punches. I love Mrs. S so much and I'm so glad that we're going to get more of her. (I sort of want her and Art to team up now as Sarah hides with Kira.)

I am pretty sure that Felix (and maybe Sarah?) will get pulled back into the action because Alison tries to kill herself and ... aldskjflaskdjfalkdjsfjk ALISON. So many feelings about that one.

When I first started watching I didn't really know anything about the show except "one actresses plays a bunch of characters" and so I just sort of assumed that Sarah was the original and the fact that she could have kids reinforced that. When she started to tell Helena that there was no original, they were all clones, that's when I realized that my assumption of originality was probably incorrect. Or if she is the original (with Helena), then she was genetically engineered/enhanced and the clones are Dyad/Leekie trying to recreate whatever was special about Sarah and Helena (and by extension Kira). Because I think it's pretty clear that there is something special about Kira, which means that there has to be something special and science-y about Sarah. And even if Helena's heart is on the other side she still made a ridiculously miraculous recovery from the gunshot wound. One possibility re: Sarah's fertility is that Mrs. S did something to Sarah to ... idek ... release her from whatever hold Dyad had on her. And that resulted in her ability to conceive.

The forced pregnancy thing with Helena does seem to be where they are going (possibly in the form of Helena/that young guy who killed Tomas & brought Helena in?), but I am just so relieved that Tomas is dead that I haven't moved much beyond that. The religious wackiness we got with Helena & Tomas has been BY FAR my least favorite part of the show, so in many ways I'm sort of "of course forced pregnancy by religious people! of course!" I'm not even religious, but I really hate the way religion has been used on this show in this weird conflation of faith and abuse and faith and ignorance, so at least these people seem slightly more functional and less science hating? (And they killed Tomas, thank god.)

What I really want is for Helena is to have actual interactions with people and be less ... crazy obsessive serial killer religious nut. Because I got really really annoyed by that really really quick. Well, ok, what I really want is for her to be in a functional setting where she is given time and space to heal and where she isn't used for other people's vendettas. But that won't happen soon. Ahhh, I sort of wish she actually had died because I am just really sick of people using her! I just, ug, so much rage towards basically everyone in Helena's life. Still, as much as I hate the idea of a forced pregnancy plot at least this way she will get to interact with people and see other ways to function in the world? *tries to look on the bright side*

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I'm with you on Mrs S and her former comrades. I get tired watching media in which only the young (usually male) people get to -- or are perceived as able to -- kick ass.

And Felix = always awesome. I like how he's strong; I like how he's flawed. I hope the show doesn't flinch from his weaknesses.


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