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All my vids: Angel, BtVS, Elementary, Friday Night Lights, The Black Stallion, Whale Rider, and Xena )

Blanket Permission

Feel free to to post my vids, post critiques, analysis, etc, and use them in transformative works.  I would be honored if anyone engaged with my fanworks in these ways. But please refer people to the individual vid post or this post if you do so.

You're also welcome to link to any of my public posts. However, if you know my real name, please do not associate that name with this journal or pseudonym.


In all my vids I warn for graphic violence, sexual and domestic violence, and major character death. I also warn for stuttery cuts and bright flashes (which are more likely to appear in my vids than the above). I welcome any questions about content of my vids as well as recommendations for warnings I haven't used; feel free to PM me here or gmail me at frayadjacent12.

I'm slowly adding subtitles to all my vids; if there's a vid you want subtitled right away, please let me know and I'll get to it first thing.

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Farscape: I have just one episode left! Well, I think so anyway, I've been avoiding looking up lists of episode titles in case there are spoilers. I realize I've hardly posted about the show even though I've liked it a lot and I love love love Aeryn Sun. So here is an unsorted and unformatted selection of my thoughts.

I didn't give this show the attention it deserves and requires. I watched it over the course of something like 2 1/2 years -- I watched the first half dozen episodes of season 1, waited more than a year, watched up through the start of season 4 off and on over about six months, hated early season 4 and took at least six months to get through the first 12 episodes, and have watched the rest of season 4 this week. Furthermore, I often had one eye on Twitter or something else while I watched, which is not my normal way of watching tv AT ALL, but I developed the habit during some boring/bad S1 episodes and never fully shook it. So now I feel like there's a lot I missed, thematically, character-wise, and in terms of plot. I already feel like I need to rewatch.

I was thinking the other day about what it takes for me to fall in love with a show, and at what point in the show that happens. My favorite shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena, and Friday Night Lights. I fell in love with the last of these immediately, and the love uh, *almost* never faltered (coughmurdersubplotcough). Conversely, Xena was a show I enjoyed, but no more, until the final season, when I really fell hard for the Xena/Gabrielle pairing. Now I see the entire series through the lens of what the last season did in terms of their relationship (and what seasons 3 & 4 did for Gabrielle's character) and I love it all. Buffy was somewhere in between. I loved it a lot the first time I watched, but it wasn't until I started rewatching (and rewatching and rewatching) and discussing it that I got really into it.

I bring this up because I suspect that Farscape, like Xena and to some extent Buffy, will be a show that will impress me most when viewed as a whole. There has been a ton of narrative follow-through in these last few episodes. Like people told me when I started, shit *matters* on Farscape. I've been enjoying that a lot.

In terms of character, some of my favorite things include the radiant Aeryn Sun, as well as the way the show has depicted the impact of imprisonment and homesickness on the characters. I've mostly enjoyed their interpersonal dynamics. Relationships are fraught and tenuous, but for good reason. The plotlines with Crais, Scorpius, and Talyn have been interesting and I've liked them quite a bit.

However, I do wish the show was more of an ensemble, because I don't really connect to John Crichton the way I'm supposed to. I feel for his homesickness, I like his sense of humor and kindness. But I was also endlessly frustrated with everyone insisting that he was ignorant, that his ideas were bad and always went wrong, that he wasn't the hero we the audience were expecting him to be, when the narrative quite frankly kept making him pretty much exactly the hero we expect. The show put a lot of effort into telling us that John wasn't your usual sci-fi hero, but it did not succeed at showing it. Like even though he didn't earn or want it, he still spends most of the show as the most important single person in the known universe, and it just grates on me.

Also, I know this is pretty random, but remember in an early episode where there's a flashback to John's life on Earth, and a moment when he was about to propose to his girlfriend, but then she told him she was going to grad school or medical school or something instead of following him and building her career around his? And so he gets the super sads and is totally betrayed and doesn't propose and we're all supposed to feel bad for him? I cannot emphasize enough how much I fucking hated that, how close to home that shit is for me, and I think it's why I basically didn't like John for a long time thereafter. I know it's not a particularly strong argument, but the point is that so much of the show revolves around John, a character I've come to care about and like, but it took a damn long time due to some basic smart white guy tropes that the show fell into that I find particularly annoying. And I wish I'd seen more time spent on other characters, especially Aeryn (though she got a fair amount) and Chiana and D'Argo. Also I really, really liked Jool and her brattiness and ridiculous scream and super smartness. I'd have really loved more Jool.

Anyway this is not my final word on Farscape, I obviously, I know there's a lot to it that I've straight up missed and I'm looking forward to exploring it deeper through vids and some meta and rewatching certain episodes. I'm happy to take recommendations for fanworks including meta! And to know other people's thoughts.
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My phone hasn't been displaying dreamwidth stuff well this week, and I got sucked into work so I've been less online lately. But I have some postable things to post!

1. I'm all caught up on Sleepy Hollow, and OMG I love it. Especially Abbie, stoic big-hearted woman of my soul. Speaking of, I was really worried about Irving's plotline, but I'm starting to hope that briefly vaguely spoilery through 2x04 ). And Jenny continues to awe me, as does her relationship with Abbie. All the hearts around those two. Plus Ichabod is hilarious, and his and Abbie's partnership is fantastic.

2. A few months ago I started on a new research project that was pretty different from anything I'd done before. I was familiar with the methods I'd be using but had never used them myself, etc. So it took a few months to get going but now I'm on a roll, getting a lot of new ideas and generally feeling pretty into it. Helpfully, this has coincided with my boss being super busy and not having time to meet, so I can play a medium-long game with my work rather than try and produce enough results to show him in time for our weekly meeting.

3. After reading [personal profile] goodbyebird and [personal profile] violace's tweets and posts about it, I started using HabitRPG, and even though I have never been a gamer of any sort it's pretty fun and effective. I don't want to go all puritanical good-worker on myself, so some of the habits I'm trying to encourage include interacting more on DW, giving substantive feedback on vids and fic, taking breaks every hour anytime I'm on a computer, reading every day (facebook and twitter don't count, but DW does as long as I actually *read* and don't skim -- the point is to encourage a less squirrelly mind at least some of the time), stretching my wrists, leaving the house every day, and other stuff that I know makes me happier and reduces my anxiety. There is also a bit of work and exercise and chore-doing stuff. Anyway, it's fun!

4. I realized two things this morning: A: Elementary is the only fandom where my primary fannish engagement is reading fic. All my other fandoms I primarily read and discuss meta and watch and make vids. B: Elementary is also the fandom where I am most enthusiastic about non-canon ships, namely Marcus/Ms. Hudson, Joan/Marcus, Alfredo/Ms Hudson/Marcus, and occasionally Joan/Sherlock (it's also the only fandom where I have an OT3!). Anyway, I suspect this is not a coincidence. And overall, Elementary is a fandom where I'm most inclined to want to know more backstory, more fleshing out of characters and relationships that won't appear in canon.

5. On that note, I'm catching up on fic after growing increasingly meh about Elementary over the last year, because I forgot that fic makes it better. And I'm currently deeply enjoying [personal profile] sanguinity's Holocene Park, a fantastic adventure with all the Joan (stoic, big-hearted woman of my soul that she is) feels and a great sense of humor.

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Each day, write a post about one of your favorite women, trans*, and/or genderqueer characters. A tribute, a defense, an epic meta, a bullet-points list of why you love them, whatever you like! Or post a rec for a vid, fic, meta, or other fanwork that illustrates why you love them.

Last time: Sarah Manning

So, this is a bit of a risk because I still haven't finished season four and am mostly trying to avoid spoilers. That being said, at this point like 90% of why I watch Farscape -- as opposed to abandoning it and letting myself be spoiled so I can finally watch those vids I've been dying to see -- is Aeryn Sun.

Really, a huge part of what I love about her is in her season 1 arc. She starts off a loyal and ambitious Peacekeeper, one who will not just follow the rules but actively maintain the oppressive structures they serve. And in many ways she's happy. She resents, intensely, that she's forced out of it.

It's only her experiences on board Moia -- and over the course of a year -- that she learns better. She experiences a new kind of camaraderie. She sees how the Peacekeepers harm others, and she realises that she doesn't want to do that anymore. And she gives Crais one of my favorite speeches on any show ever:

Crais: I am still your commanding officer.

Aeryn: But I am no longer a Peacekeeper!

Crais: You are a Peacekeeper for life. On the oath you took-

Aeryn: Your oath means nothing to me! You made sure of that. You destroyed everything. I lost everything because of you!

Crais: Aeryn -Sun!

Aeryn: Do you know what I learned when I was away from you? Everything I lost isn't worth a damn. And I don't want to go back to your past.

Crais: I - ORDER - you -

Aeryn: You order me? (she takes his ident chip) You will never order me again.

Crais: I - will track you - down - and KILL you, Officer Sun! On that I give you my vow!

Aeryn: You know what I give you Crais? Your life. I will make you watch - your life. (and with that she powers up The Chair and sweeps the pots up and Crais screams and screams and screams as she leaves)

Sigh. Now that is a girl after my own heart.

Crais, as it happens, in many ways follows in Aeryns footsteps as a direct consequence of her actions at the end of S1.

I love Aeryn's relationships with the rest of their renegade crew, especially Pilot (god, "The Way We Weren't" hurt my heart), D'Argo, with whom she shares an understanding as a fellow warrior, and John. Though that last one is complicated for me because I don't really ship them. I like John fine enough -- actually, in his goofy moments he reminds me of my favorite cousin, who also sorta looks like him -- but I often feel like I don't really get what Aeryn sees in John, and at times it feels like she loves him just because he's the protagonist. Anyway, I digress.

I love how she struggles with her emotions. I love what a fighter she is. I totally love Aeryn Sun.
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We finished season 1 of Sleepy Hollow last night, and I imagine we'll catch up on S2 this weekend.

Spoilers for the season 1 finale )
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Each day, write a post about one of your favorite women, trans*, and/or genderqueer characters. A tribute, a defense, an epic meta, a bullet-points list of why you love them, whatever you like! Or post a rec for a vid, fic, meta, or other fanwork that illustrates why you love them.

My first post is about Sarah Manning, my favorite character in Orphan Black, and one of my favorites in general.

Sarah is not a typical protagonist, especially of a genre show. Most shows of this type would choose the cop, Beth, or maybe the corporate boss, Rachel, as the main character. But Orphan Black has somewhat marginalized these character types by killing one of them and making the other an antagonist. Instead, our heros are punks, people living on the margins of society and outside the formal economy.

Of course, like Mrs S says, Sarah found the punk music and subculture but ignored the politics. In her youth Siobhan fought for a better world, but not Sarah. At the start of the show she's fairly selfish, particularly in taking advantage of a suicide to run off with a daughter she's not prepared to provide a stable life for.

Over the course of the first season, Sarah learns to fight back, not just for her own interests but for others too. She finds a community of sorts, people she cares about and will fight for. She develops a stronger sense of morality and tries to do what is right and not just what is easy. And she maintains a strong distrust of authority, as opposed to Cosima and Allison who are more easily duped by Dyad's machinations.

I love how flexible and adaptable she is. This is something I often notice and admire in characters because it's a trait I lack. Now, it's pretty common for television to feature characters who can deal with change (Allison is a rare example of someone who can't, which I appreciate seeing!) because, well, they have to keep up with the plot. But with Sarah this trait is elevated to a strong skill, one that totally makes sense given her background and the kind of work she's done in the past.

I adore Sarah's relationship with Felix, which is sometimes tense but also the emotional bedrock of the show. He caretakes while she protects and defends. I also have a lot of empathy for her fraught relationship with Siobhan. There's a lot of sadness and anger and mistrust there as well as a desire to trust. And her love of Kira, and her desire to be the kind of parent to Kira that she never had, combined with her horrible circumstances and lack of experience, is very compelling. As is her fundamental sense of compassion, which she brings to her relationships once she is able to trust a little.
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OK, I'm gonna make this a meme; feel free to take it up if you want!

A ten day meme: each day, write a post about one of your favorite women, trans*, and/or genderqueer characters. A tribute, a defense, an epic meta, a bullet-points list of why you love them, whatever you like! Or post a rec for a vid, fic, meta, or other fanwork that illustrates why you love them.

Here will probably be mine:

Sarah Manning
Cordelia Chase
Tyra Colette
Aeryn Sun
Joan Watson
Joss Carter
Leslie Knope
Willow Rosenberg
Buffy Summers

(additional candidates: Poussey Washington, Hermione Granger, Siobhan Sadler, Dawn Summers)
1 Oct 2014 03:29 pm


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I like to change up my DW theme every so often, and on Monday I spent a couple of hours pouring through new ones before finally settling on the first theme I had when I signed up (but with new fonts and colors).

I also added some new icons so I'm back to 100! Now I just need to remember to renew my paid account in a few weeks so I don't lose 'em. (Note -- this is *not* a passive aggressive ask for paid time. I can afford it, so if you want to gift that to someone please give it to someone else!) Occasionally I consider just buying 75 icon spaces and giving up the paid account, since I mostly keep it for the extra icons, but, well, I like DW and want to support it.

I started the month intending to post daily. I did close to that for the first half, but the second half of September was more like 3-4 posts per week, which I feel fine with. I hope to keep up about that much.

In that vein, I'm thinking about starting (or finding) some sort of meme where I post about my favorite characters. Specifically women, but that's already covered under "favorite" (except maybe Gunn, Felix, and Giles, but I'd still need to get past my top ~10 to reach them probably). It started because I've been writing a Sarah Manning Is Awesome post in my head for the last week or so, and I'm basically always writing a Buffy Summers Is Awesome post in my head, so I'm thinking a meme will get them going. So, expect posts about them in the coming weeks. :D :D
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From a NYT piece about procrastination:
But if procrastination is so clearly a society-wide, public condition, why is it always framed as an individual, personal deficiency? Why do we assume our own temperaments and habits are at fault — and feel bad about them — rather than question our culture’s canonization of productivity?
Despite over a decade of subscribing to anti-capitalist politics, it's easy for me to feel guilt and dread over the ebb and flow of my own productivity -- especially at work, but also when it comes to housework, running, or even vidding. On that note, I'm having trouble feeling excited about my WIP. It's coming along, but I'm also in a moment of resurging Buffy feels and I kinda want to work on one of my vid ideas for her. So I might just give it a rest for a while. Maybe send it to a beta.

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Um, I may or may not have spent 6 hours reading old BtVS meta last night. One of the things I happily came across was one of my favorite visuals about what rocks about BtVS and Xena: [livejournal.com profile] gabrielleabelle's Women, Connecting graphic showing the many relationships among women on those shows. I know I've linked to this in the past but I still think it's awesome. Besides, a fangirl should always cite her sources.

Because I've been thinking: one of the things I've been loving about Sleepy Hollow is the many relationships it shows among people of color. Like, at the point I'm at in the show, Ichabod is basically the only white character, at least in the present day scenes (and the Revolutionary War flashbacks hardly count as part of the show in my head). I thought it would be awesome to do a graphic like this for characters of color in Sleepy Hollow, but since I haven't caught up on the series, I thought that for contrast it'd be interesting to do something similar for characters of color in BtVS.

Images beneath the cut )

ETA: I've since realized that Gabrielle did an update to her Women, Connecting graphic that's pretty on par, in terms of major/minor characters used, with my first one. Perhaps more interestingly, she did one for men and shows that what's unique about BtVS is not that relationships among women outnumber those among men, but that they're roughly equivalent, unlike say Star Trek TNG. I do suspect that in Xena you would find that women majorly outnumber men, but maybe that's just internalized sexism speaking.

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I had one of those "work from home" days that turned into some working and a lot of tooling around on the internet, reading old meta about old shows and watching vids. I've had very little alone time in the last...month or more, so I don't feel too bad and know I needed it. But I also know I can get into cycles where that's *all* I want to do, and that way leads depression and anxiety and diminishing career prospects.

I wish I could work more productively from home, because I love the idea. But the reality, 80% of the time, is it doesn't work for me. The other 20% is when I have a hard deadline.

On the other hand, I did finally send off beta feedback about a vid I'm super excited about, so it wasn't a total loss.
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Yesterday I typed up a whole post on my phone and then lost it. I was too annoyed to rewrite it, but I'll try again today!

1. I'm going to apply for a job that I could get, but probably won't because it's competitive, and don't feel remotely ready for. Because I had a conversation with some colleagues last week about how women go for things when they're 150% ready and men go for them when they're 50% ready. So I'm trying to buck up or something. God I sound like such a liberal feminist.

Also the job is in a country that is not the US or Australia. A country that might be great to live in for a year or two. Did I mention that this is a permanent faculty job?

2. My wrists are mostly keeping me from vidding but I did work a bit on my WIP this past weekend. In the meantime I'm watching lots of vids and listening to vidsongs-to-be on repeat. I'm trying to remember my stretches and exercises so I can vid again! If only I didn't have to spend so much time on the computer at work...

3. I love my new home still. It's amazing how much happier I am there. The weather warmed up this week and Miss Kitty finally went out in the garden, so now she loves it too. Oh and I just found out that I will have the option to stay 6 extra months at my current job, which means two more summers in Melbourne and in my new home. <3
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I've now watched the first four episodes of Sleepy Hollow and am pretty well hooked. The fourth episode in particular deals with Abbie and Jenny's relationship in a compelling way. The two have great chemistry and their scenes have brought out some fabulous acting on Nicole Beharie's part.

I love that Abbie and Jenny get to have all the angst and complex history. Meanwhile, Ichabod is like "oh yeah I woke up 200 years in the future and everyone I care about is dead or trapped in a horrible mirror dimension but enough about me, I'm good, let's attend to *your* emotions and needs."


I could really do without all the George Washington worship, though at this point it's getting silly enough that it goes with the general plot-holyness cracky fun. Kinda.
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We moved! We're much closer to my work now, and it's amazing what not having a 1-1.5 hour commute where I'm constantly being bumped and jostled by grown ass adults with no home training and breathing in cigarette smoke will do for my state of mind. Yesterday after work I went to the supermarket, where I perused the aisles long enough to actually find what I wanted, then went to two different green-grocers before walking home, and I arrived around the time I normally would have just from my commute. In a much, much better mood.

What I learned this year is that I'm not nearly the city person I might have imagined. I still would much rather walk and take public transport than drive, but really I'm a "living near public transport and a supermarket, also in an area with sidewalks" person.

Also I now hear birds instead of motorcycles and trams in the morning. And we have a little courtyard! Which Miss Kitty has yet to explore, but she will and she'll love it.

Less awesomely, Mr Adjacent and I have both had colds all week, and mine doesn't seem to be getting better. Just shifting around between different respiratory canals.

We won't have internet at our new apartment till Monday, so we're watching television that we had previously downloaded for long flights but never watched. Namely Sleepy Hollow, which is every bit as delightfully cracky as everyone says. It sorta reminds me of the first season of BtVS, but with higher production values and about adults and not doing the central metaphor of each episode thing. I am very excited about Abbie and Jennifer. I've seen the first two episodes only -- no spoilers please!
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This is in principle my last question for the vidding meme, but I'm happy to take more questions and will probably do a few more on my own just because I like them.

[personal profile] colls asked: Do you work mostly from start to finish, or do you vid sections out of order?

Bit of both, but my orientation is very much to go from start to finish, and I've had to train myself out of that. Even though I use a non-linear editor! A number of people have talked about how when they get an idea for a vid, there are a few spots that are clear in their minds, and those are the parts they make first. And of course I also have some very vivid ideas for a few spots in the vid, but for some reason I often wait to put those down!

So, anyway, I do vid out of order, but I find that I get major mental blocks if the first ~15 seconds of the vid aren't solid. This made "Become You" a major headache cause I never could work out how to open the vid. Even after I submitted it to Wiscon I continued to fiddle with the opening.  But apart from that I do vid out of order, according to where I have ideas/what I'm excited to work on/what I've already clipped.

So, like right now my WIP has a ~75% full timeline. I imported the episodes directly into Premiere, but since I'm not super duper familiar with the source I'm scrubbing through the episodes chronologically. However when I started the vid there was one part I was pretty excited about that involved clips from the last episode, so I vidded that first. Ironically I am now planning to change that section! Anyway, I have a pretty solid structure planned for the vid so as I scrub through the episodes and find relevant clips, I drop them directly onto the timeline and fiddle from there. And I alternate between doing that and making changes to sections I've already worked on, according to whatever is most appealing at the time.

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[personal profile] umadoshi asked: describe your comfort zone: a typical you vid.

In a nutshell, a character study looking through the lens of a relationship (not necessarily romantic). Or, more accurately, a study on how a relationship shapes and changes a character. I suspect that this wouldn't describe the majority of my vids, but it would describe a plurality. It's probably more true of my recent vids than my past ones; none of my Buffy vids focuses on any of her relationships. Even "Deeds That Have Made Me" is not about her relationship with Angel per se; it's about the lasting effects that killing him had on her.

This isn't so much because it's what's comfortable as it is an expression of what interests me and what kind of music gives me vid bunnies.

Speaking of, it's more accurate to say that I have a major comfort zone when it comes to music. I really prefer to vid music with lots of acoustic instrumentation, kind of in the broad folk/indi genre. I think only two of my vids fall outside this category. And probably about half of my current vid ideas are this general type of music as well. I just find music like that really fun and easy to vid.
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And I have a headache. But it's going fine enough, we're already in the unpacking stage. Anyway I might not post again this weekend, but I still intend to keep up with the regular posting and meme-finishing. I've really been enjoying the discussions on DW lately. I even started checking it before Twitter in the morning!
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[personal profile] beccatoria asked: Which vid was the hardest to make?

Definitely Tightrope! It was my biggest learning curve technically, especially with the speed changes and freeze frames. (OMG, my favorite thing about Premiere as opposed to Final Cut is how *easy* the former makes speed changes.)

The one thing that wasn't difficult about Tightrope was clip availability. On the other hand, one of my biggest issues with Become You was the utter lack of clips available to say what I wanted to say, especially about M'Lila. I also really struggled with the bridge in that vid, because it had a lot it needed to accomplish in terms of getting the viewer from point A to point B and frankly it was too much, at least for my current ability. So in that quite different sense Become You was also difficult.

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[personal profile] beccatoria asked: Point to a section from one of your favorite vids you've made and explain why you're proud of it.

I'm gonna be a big ole bragger (we vidders don't get enough opportunities to boast) and pick four.

1. The third verse in Tightrope, from 2:06-2:27, where I put in a lot of effort to get the blocking and motion to match up between clips and kept the energy high all in the service of a strong narrative focus on Buffy challenging authority figures and taking an egalitarian approach instead of an authoritarian one. I'm especially proud of how I worked in Quentin Travers around 2:15, stutter cutting across 4 seasons and matching the blocking with Buffy's horrible test in Checkpoint. And the final clip of this section, where she walks away from Wesley, is possibly my favorite in the vid, both because of the lyrical matching and what I did with speed changes and freeze frames.

2. The bridge in Everywhere, from 1:49-2:06. The first verse is Xena's pov, the second Gabrielle's, so part of the task of the bridge was to move to a dual pov. Relatedly, this section of the vid was all about them coming together as a team/couple. So I started with how they are different, by juxtaposing Gabrielle dancing with clips of Xena fighting. And because this silly show has a Footloose episode and two musical episodes, I was able to gradually bring them together by showing Xena go from trying to stop Gabrielle dancing to joining in, and by showing Gabrielle's dancing look more and more militaristic, until at the end of the section they are dancing and fighting side by side.

I also love the montage of OTP feels in the last chorus, around 2:47-3:23. This part wasn't particularly difficult to make, it more felt like the payoff for harder work I did in earlier sections of the vid.

3. The section of Become You where Lao Ma is watching Xena, around 0:42. Also a bit later in the vid I ran a clip of Lao Ma stepping backwards and looking serene in reverse, so she is stepping forward with an expression of desire, at 0:58-1:01. I wanted to show her agency and desire for Xena and those sections are particularly successful at doing that.

Also in that vid, the section paralleling Lao Ma's execution with Xena's near execution, at 2:22-2:38. This almost feels unfair because the source did so much of the work in terms of visual parallels, and for some reason the clips of Xena fighting blended beautifully with the execution scenes so the whole thing is just pretty.

More than any recent vid of mine, this one has sections I love and sections I'm deeply unsatisfied with. I suppose that's not surprising since it is the most ambitious vid I've made yet in terms of argument. Anyway it was nice to share a bit of the former with you all, since I've been fairly focused on the latter since I published the vid.

4. I'm really proud of the ending of Starkville, from about 3:49 on. Again, the show provided me with easy visual parallels and metaphors, I just had to put them there and play with blending modes a bit. The most complicated thing I did there, besides the fire overlay, was to put a reddish gradient overlay on that entire final section and faded it out a little more slowly than I did the last clip, which makes her bloody and brutal facial expression fade to red before it fades to black. I was quite happy with that.
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I'm getting a bit behind on answering comments today due to an epic bad mood this morning, but I'm carrying on with the daily posting!

[personal profile] goodbyebird asked: what do you look for in a beta?

In the past my main answer would have been to not be afraid to give me concrit. Don't get me wrong: my feelings are as tender as the next vidder's, and it will take a moment for my bruised ego to recover. But I'm always grateful for it. Not only does it help the vid and me as a vidder, it also gives me a boost of confidence that, when I post my vid, it's been viewed by at least one person who would have told me if it sucked.

I don't even mind if the concrit is of the "if this were my vid I'd do this" type, because it's obvious to me that if my beta has a different idea of what the vid should be doing than I do, I can always ignore some or all of their advice. But it's still useful to get the information of what they think the vid should be doing, because maybe it means that it's not currently getting its purpose across clearly enough.

However, praise is also great! I love the confidence boost, and if the praise is specific about what is working and why, that's every bit as useful as concrit.

So a more general answer might be, as [personal profile] shati said, a "discriptivist" beta. As in, "the vid is doing this", whether that functions as praise (because that's what I wanted it to do!) or criticism.

A few vidders have answered this question along the lines of, "someone to bounce ideas off of", which sounds SO GREAT but I'm always worried I'm asking too much of my betas so I've never done this before. I mean if nothing else, just having to put into words what I want a vid to do would probably be super useful. Anyway after the Orphan Black S2 finale I did have a great time chatting with [personal profile] violace about a vid idea, so that was at least a step in that direction.
8 Sep 2014 08:10 am

Vids to be

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[personal profile] goodbyebird asked: how many vid ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share any?

AKA Many Vid Plans post! I'll go by fandom. Intellectually I know I'm not likely to make all of these, but these are the ideas I'm actively excited about right now and mostly can't bear the thought of not making.

Xena Vid Series From Hell
2-5 more vids, depending on when you ask. The two I definitely still want to make are 1) a comedy vid about Gabrielle's Horse Fails and 2) an epic Xena/Gab vid that will be partly about coming to terms with the series finale. The first of these involved some of the most difficult song-editing I've done yet, so I figure I'm committed. The other three are 1) a "Xena has manpain" vid, which I've already planned out and will probably make, 2) a vid about Xena and Gabrielle's relationships with other women in the show (because damn there's a lot of women) and 3) a kink vid that I still don't quite have nailed down conceptually.

Orphan Black
I definitely want to make my OB kink vid. I'm also thinking about a clone ensemble vid but I might wait till after the third season. And maybe a Felix vid focusing on the less-awesome aspects of his relationship with Sarah and how it relates to his friendship with Allison.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Haha, more than I realized before making this list! 1) A Buffy character study, basically a counterpart/companion to Tightrope. 2) A Buffy-Dawn-Joyce feels vid. 3) A vid about Giles and Buffy that I completely clipped and subsequently lost interest in making. But I still hope I do. 4) A Willow-PoV vid about her friendship with Buffy.

Aeryn character vid. I still haven't finished season 4 though! /o\


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