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26 September 2012 06:14 pm
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All my vids: Angel, BtVS, Elementary, Friday Night Lights, The Black Stallion, Whale Rider, and Xena )

Feel free to to post my vids, post critiques, analysis, etc, and use them in transformative works.  I would be honored if anyone engaged with my fanworks in these ways. But please refer people to the individual vid post, this post, or my website if you do so.

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I've been enjoying Elementary, especially the last few episodes, which gave more attention to Joan and a likeable one-off character.  But is anybody else realizing we're damn near the S2 finale and it kind of feels like the season never picked up?  I mean, there have been a lot of fun character interactions this season, a few moments of important growth for Joan and Sherlock, and a few interesting plot threads that have been mostly left to dangle.  But it doesn't feel like a coherent season.  Like, if someone were to ask me what this season was about, I don't know what I'd say.

And it was an easy question to answer for S1.  Character-wise, S1 was about Joan and Sherlock meeting and developing trust and friendship.  It was about Sherlock's recovery and Joan's career change.  It was about both of them connecting with each other and, through their relationship, to other people as well (Marcus, Alfredo, Ms. Hudson, etc).  Plot wise, it was mostly one-offs, but the Moriarty plot was in the background for over half the season, and when you consider how it connects to Sherlock's recovery, it was there all along.

This season, I don't know.  I keep waiting for it to really pick up, and a couple of weeks ago I was a little surprised to realize that we're closing in on the season finale and it hasn't.  Not that I haven't liked watching it, not that Joan and Sherlock don't charm me every episode, but it's starting to wear a bit thin.  I want my slow burn just a little less slow, please.

Maybe this is normal for this kind of show?  I never really watched ER or Law and Order or other shows that seem close in genre to Elementary

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I'm putting together a panel for vidukon on vid feedback.  I haven't sorted out what the panel will look like, and I know that at Vividcon there have been multiple panels related to feedback and beta processes.  If anyone knows of posts that have talked about what was covered in those panels, how the panelists structured it, etc, I'd love to see them!  Or if anyone put on or attended one of those panels and wants to tell me about it, that would also be awesome!  Also, general posts about feedback/beta processes would be super useful.

(I have looked at the Fanlore pages for VVCs past, and they include links to some people's post-con write-ups, which have been a helpful start for sure.)

Right now I definitely want to include some space to discuss whether/how we can constructively criticise vids for their content and not just their form, but I don't really see myself filling a full time slot with just that.  In addition to that, I was thinking some other things that might be good to do:

 - a group concrit or beta process as part of the panel (I'd ask for volunteers to submit a vid for this, or do one of my own). 

 - people share experiences with feedback/beta that was helpful and talk about why

 - people talk about how they approach being a beta or other ways of giving feedback

Any other ideas?  I'm in brainstorm mode so I'd love to hear anything that might be relevant.  Even thoughts on feedback, praise, and constructive criticism of things other than vids would be super cool.
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I'm a slow and infrequent reader-of-books, and even then I often forget to post about what I'm reading.  So, it's not Wednesday, even in Australia, but I figure I better post this while it's on my mind.

What I just finished

…if by "just", one means "a week and a half ago".  I read Gullstruck Island by Frances Hardinge, and it was one of my favourite books in some time.  The main protagonist is a young indigenous person on a colonised island, and the book deals with the dynamics of colonisation really well, I thought.  And it also focuses on people who don't get noticed, and what they might do with that social invisibility, the ways they can exercise power through it, the ways they may come to resent it.  It's beautifully written and I absolutely adored the main character, a clever, adaptable girl whose skills are really well established by her back story.  And it has an ensemble of characters I came to care about deeply, it doesn't treat characters like canon fodder, and it establishes a fascinating setting, both physically and socially. It did go to that The Cycle of Violence Ends Here place in a way that bugs me, but that's my only complaint. 

Well, that and the fact that I can't vid it.

Anyway, I highly recommend this book.

What I'm reading now

The Steerswoman by Rosemary Kirstein.  I'm less than halfway through now. 

I was almost immediately struck by how rare it is in fiction (here I'm including television and movies) to have a female character who is broadly admired and respected for something other than her looks.  There are lots of competent women and girls in stories, but they almost always have to prove themselves, far above and beyond what an otherwise equivalent male character would have to do.  It's so refreshing to have that not be the case in this story, especially for Rowan (the protagonist), but also in general.  While their society clearly has strong class divisions and is in many ways modelled after medieval Europe, it's refreshingly light on the patriarchy.

 I am totally shipping Rowan/Bel.  It's funny, my shipping tendencies are so weak, but apparently I have a button for women with different but complementary abilities and world-views, who respect and surprise and have a general fondness for each other, travelling together.  *heart melts*

I realised a bit of the way through why the Steerswomen are so appealing to me: they're basically an expression of the fantasy of intellectuals who freely share knowledge and, as such, largely live outside the market economy that controls much of the rest of their society. 

Plus they're almost all women. 

Relatedly, I love how they quite readily admit when they're wrong, or when they don't know something for certain.  Not that everyone is walking on eggshells about what they know -- they have vigorous debates and aren't afraid to argue strongly when they are certain, but there doesn't seem to be the kind of egoism that plagues so much of contemporary academia and science, and can make for straight up bad science.  Admitting when you don't know something is a fundamental tenet of intellectual honesty, and I love what an important feature it is to the Steerswomen's culture.

What next/etc

I'm planning to read the rest of the Steerswoman series, but I'm actually a bit confused about what's what.  On Amazon Kindle it looks like the next book is The Lost Steersman (oh I just realised who that's probably about!) and the one after is The Outskirter's Secret?

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And I liked it.  Especially Mac's hair. Between that and Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar Hair, I am seriously considering a cut.

Cut for amazing non-spoilery hair! )

A few stray, spoilery thoughts, including spoilers for the television series )

Hmm, I do feel like the above post suffers a bit from me having an easier time describing what I don't like than what I like.  Really!  I liked the movie a lot!  I will squee with you if you want to squee!  :D

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Like the rest of Australia, I won't be watching it in the theatre, but the movie is downloading!  And the script is saved to my HD, though I won't read it till after the film (if ever, to be honest).

And when my parents come to visit in a couple months, I'll finally have the t-shirt.  :)
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Happy birthday to [personal profile] calvinahobbes!  I know you've been busy lately -- I hope you get some time to do what you want. 

And happy birthday tomorrow to [personal profile] fan_eunice, who was my biggest cheerleader making Tightrope.  It was great to meet you at VVC last year!

Also, happy belated birthday to everyone I missed the last few months: [personal profile] red_satin_doll, [personal profile] jetpack_monkey, [personal profile] quarter_to_five, and [personal profile] settiai

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There is a very cool discussion about vidding -- process, tech, tips, you name it -- at [community profile] wiscon_vidparty's vidding workshop.  Check it out!  This is such a great idea and I hope it keeps happening. I would have *loved* to come across this when I started vidding or in my first year as a vidder.  I love coming across it now!

A lot of people are talking about their vidding process, most of which are similar to mine in the finding/discovering song --> re-watching and/or clipping --> song editing --> vid editing --> beta process, but I've discovered (and rediscovered) that it really helps me to combine the clipping and video editing.  Because clipping is so boring!  I.e., I set myself a goal for a number of episodes to clip, then once I finish I reward myself by laying some of those clips on the timeline!  It helps with motivation.  Plus, I usually get a lot of ideas when I clip and it helps to enact at least some of those ideas right away rather than writing them down or taking mental  notes that don't get acted upon for days to months. 

Also, according to [personal profile] heresluck, an initial rule of thumb for matching motion to a beat is to have the explosion, fist-hitting, etc happen three frames before the beat (then adjust as needed).  WHOA.  I usually line these things up on the same frame as the beat, and I wonder if this is part of why I often feel like my timing is a bit off-looking.  I am definitely going to try this out.  If it works I will be glad to have a solution/bitter I didn't realize this ages ago.

I haven't been around DW much, and my fannish mode has generally been a bit different lately. Cut for navel-gazing about recent non-participation on DW )

Anyway, I'm honestly considering just clearing out my inbox and starting fresh, with sincere apologies to people who left comments for me and never got a response.

In other vidding news:  I've been vidding like mad the past week or so.  I'm making a Xena vid that is really trying to explore moral and thematic questions -- and take positions and make arguments about said questions -- more so than probably any other vid I've made.  I've been really digging the process of making it.  I think because, unlike with my Buffy vids, Xena is still quite fresh and new for me and I feel really excited about what I want to say about it.  Also, with Buffy vids I have the constant feeling that every idea I've ever had has already been done, and probably better.  But to be honest I haven't found even half a dozen Xena vids that I like.  I'm sure there were tons back in the day but they seem to be gone or at least beyond my ability/motivation to find them.  So I actually feel like I can make a contribution? Anyway, one of the cool consequences of my vid farr is that I'm finally learning how to use After Effects a teensy bit because my excitement for the vid is overpowering my laziness.

*Yes I am watching Farscape and one of the zillions of DW posts I've written in my head the past 6 weeks is how utterly I've fallen for Aeryn Sun, and about my predictable lack of response to John and the Aeryn/John pairing.

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I spent the last 12 hours vidding.  And now my lower back and legs ache, but damn if I didn't have fun, and I've got a near-full timeline to boot!  And the wrists are fine -- a lot better than they'd typically be after a day of work.  I don't think I've ever vidded this long in one stretch.  I'm feeling quite pleased with myself -- we'll see how I feel about the vid itself in the morning.  In the meantime, time to step out of the apartment for the first time in 24 hours.

I don't want to jinx anything, but I think I might be figuring out how some people manage to make more than a few vids per year.
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I was far more secretive about it than necessary, but I made a festivid: Fire Door, the Friday Night Lights Tyra character vid for [personal profile] chaila.

Happy reveals, everyone!

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It's Monday morning in Australia, but they made it a holiday just for meee!  So I can watch Festivids!  And even though I might not say much because typing, I want to log onto vidding chat and hang out with people!

But I can't remember where it went.  A few people posted about the move some time ago, but I can't seem to recall exactly who it was and dig up their post.


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Happy birthday to [personal profile] violace! I hope you had a good day, and good luck finishing festivids!!

Also, to people who've recently commented on my journal: I will respond soon! Busy chronically injured Fray is busy, but I also love talking with you.

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 Happy birthday to [personal profile] laurashapiro! I've enjoyed talking with you on DW, and it was so great to have breakfast with you at VVC last year. Thanks for giving me the final push to keep going with Farscape. I just finished "A Human Reaction" and am officially hooked. Anyway, hope you have a great day!
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A friend is visiting from the US (yay!), work is busy (boo), and my wrist RSIs are really acting up again (*despair*). So I'm gonna hang back from posting and commenting (much) for a while. I'm sure I'll still read, though, since none of those things precludes me from using DW on my phone.
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Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving:

Most shows?  I'm very reluctant to try new things. 

Though as I've discovered fandom and thus given more thought to what I actually like in television, and had opportunity to interact with people who are good at articulating what *they* like -- and don't like -- it's easier to predict what I'll enjoy.  But yeah, pretty much everything I watched prior to ~2012 I was cajoled into giving a shot. 

30 Questions )

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I decided not to do festvids this year, what with the new job and having a house guest for most of December. I'm ok with that, but I've just realised I'll be pretty busy both during go-live and reveals this year as well. A bit of a bummer after the fun I had last year, but I guess there's always next year!

Anyway, congrats to people who've finished their vids and have vids waiting for them. And hats off to folks who claimed those pinch hits today!
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Day 09 - Best scene ever:

My non-definitive answer is the scene between Buffy and Giles in the training room in The Gift.  A scene which [personal profile] next_to_normal iconned for me!! :D

Fray gushes, with spoilers. )

30 Questions )

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Oops, I'm getting behind!

Day 07 - Least favourite episode of your favourite TV show:

Everytime people talk about the bad BtVS episodes, all I think about is the things I like about them.  Even "I Robot, You Jane" has Giles/Jenny fun, plus that great final scene:

None of us is ever going to have a normal relationship
(This image comes from tumblr, but I can't seem to track down the maker to credit them.)

Hmm.  Maybe "Bad Eggs".  That episode is pretty boring.  Or "Wrecked" -- not because it was as bad, in and of itself, as some other contenders, but because it threw Willow's arc a bit off course.  Before that, I think Willow had one of the strongest character arcs I've seen on television.  After "Wrecked", it was still strong, but it never worked quite as well for me.

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch:

I don't believe such a thing exists.  Sorry.

30 Questions )

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[personal profile] luzula's prompt: what is the most important lesson you've learned about practical organizing during the years you've been active?

In a word (or, uh, two): replace yourself.

The fundamental idea behind this is that activism and political organizing is not about organizing events or campaigns, it's about organizing people.  It's about supporting people to develop the kind of skills and habits and motivation to organize themselves and each other.

And the big thing about this is that it takes more work, more time, and more effort to develop new members of a group than it does to just do stuff yourself. 

Let's say you're a part of a group that supports tenants who are organizing to fight for better conditions in their apartment building.  So you've knocked on doors, you've met a few people in the building who are pissed off about the mold and the deposit theft and want to fight the landlord.  One of the first things you all might want to know is information about the landlord.  Where are their other properties?  Do they have other business connections?  Where do they live? 

If you've done this type of organizing in the past, you might know exactly what websites and library resources and government offices you can use to get this information.  But the point isn't just to get the information, it's to support the new people you've met who want to develop their skills and be better organizers. 

So you work with them.  This might mean sitting with them in a coffee shop and looking up relevant information together.  It probably means inviting them -- and strongly encouraging them to come -- to future door-knocking.  It means role-playing with them so they can practice talking with their neighbors about issues affecting them. 

Even if they have previous organizing experience, most new people are not going to be as emotionally invested in a project as you are, just because they haven't been involved in it very long.  So it still means reaching out, calling them to ask what they think of the last rally or the latest decision the group made. 

If your group has open meetings, it means taking time to talk to new people who show up.  It also means reviewing how meetings work, how decisions are made, and so forth, at the beginning of meetings so that new people can follow what's happening and plug in.

This kind of work can build the overall capacity of an organization by focusing on developing *people*. 

I'm still taking prompts for future posts.
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Title: Fire Door
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Song Title: Fire Door (live)
Artist: Ani Difranco
Length: 3:14
Summary: "I started to feel like I was on the inside instead of the outside"
Content notes: A few brief instances of non-graphic domestic violence. Song has some ableist language.  A couple spoilers for the series.
Youtube | Download (102 Mb H.264 MOV) | Subtitles file

Password: door

Notes )

Lyrics )


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