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26 Sep 2012 06:14 pm
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I've been failing to find new music for my runs and workouts so, taking a page from [personal profile] isis's book, I finally tried out some audio books. I've been vaguely intending to re-read Harry Potter for a few years now, so that seemed like a good place to start: easy to follow, and a story I know I'll enjoy.

Except I distinctly remember *not* enjoying the first book the one and only time I read it, circa 2004. Unless you count the time I tried to read it in 2001 and gave up on the whole series about 50 pages in because I really didn't like it. I gave the books another shot only after seeing the third film, which I'd liked. So I held my nose through the first book, tolerated the second, and got really into the series starting with The Prisoner of Azkaban. When I re-read the series six or seven years ago, I skipped the first book entirely. And all this was a few years before I got into fandom.

But when I downloaded the audio books last week, I started with The Philosopher's Stone without thinking about it.

And I'm enjoying it. A lot. I'd completely forgotten about the first scene, when Dumbledore, McGonnigal, and Hagrid bring baby Harry to the Dursleys. I can see why I disliked it at first, especially with the fat-phobia around the Dursleys but also with an overall tone that is, well, childish.  And not just in the fun, imaginative, silly, or innocent way, though there are elements of all that: in a way that views the world very simply. Way too simply. Though I was more bothered by all that at 19 than I am at 34. :p

But it's also quite charming. The narrator might help; he probably makes it sound more fun and magical than my internal voice would. And I get a little thrill to think of what's coming. I came to really care for Harry as a character and I like having this glimpse of him before he's ever gone to Hogwarts. (I'm currently at the part where he and Hagrid go to Diagon Ally.) I like how we see his rebellious, even foolhardy spirit right from the start in his interactions with Dudley and Mr. Dursley.

It's slow going because I'm saving it for workouts. But I have a lot to look forward to. I might even find myself needing to find more HP icons. :D

(And aside: wow, I really *did* miss this fandom -- this is my first post tagged with harry potter!)
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The world probably needs more Connie icons, so I made a few. Feel free to take with credit! Comments/concrit are always welcome and appreciated.

Connie training with a sword in a strong defensive stance. Connie sitting on the beach, reading eagerly. Connie in her green and black cosplay costume, with a pink background
Connie with her sword drawn in a strong stance, text reads "Connie Maheswaran" Connie on beach reading, text reads "fangirl" Connie in cosplay looking excited, text says "fangirl"

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Mr. Adjacent and I recently watched the Cartoon Network miniseries Over the Garden Wall. It is lovely and sweet and cute in a good way, and at times surprisingly dark. It's fairly complex in its themes, though it's not as deep as Steven Universe. The animation is gorgeous.

If you're interested, here's a song from one of the episodes. There are no spoilers and it showcases how endearing one of the characters is. Though there's a lot more to the show than that.

I'd give Over the Garden Wall 8/10, which in my mind is a good score; I don't practice television grade inflation. It loses points by not having enough female characters and by using a couple of overused tropes, though it puts a fun twist on one of those in the end.

Also it's comprised of ten 11-minute episodes. Which is so manageable!

I'm thinking this will be a Festivids nomination for sure.

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[community profile] ladiesbingo -- a challenge for fanworks about relationships between women -- signups are happening! I'm excited to participate although I'm not sure I'll manage to actually get a bingo. But it will be fun to participate and it should help motivate me with vidding.

Yesterday I opened Premiere for the first time since, like, April and dropped my Aeryn Sun vidsong onto the timeline and added some notes (using titles on the sequence itself) about how I'm going to structure the vid. I got warm fuzzies just opening up Premiere! So hopefully the motivation to actually vid will return. But I still need to rewatch that last run of S3 and then see if I can salvage anything from S4 -- I hated a lot of what they did with Aeryn that season.

Also I'm probably going to officially do festivids this year. Between that, [community profile] ladiesbingo , and my goal to finish the Aeryn Sun vid for Wiscon next year, I have a rough plan for getting my mojo back.

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Mr. Adjacent and I watched Season 3 of Inside Amy Schumer. It was pretty funny, and I liked it. He liked it a lot, but he's generally more into comedy than I am. We then realised that we were watching S3 and not S1, so we started from the beginning.

Season 1 started OK but declined steadily and then precipitously.  Lots of racist and classist stereotypes, lots of "LOL I said something offensive" humor, lots of ablism. There's some of that in S3 as well, but much less than S1 and also mixed in with quite a bit of really good comedy. The last episode or two improved a bit.

We would have given up a few episodes into S1, but since we knew it got better eventually we persevered. We're now starting Season 2 which seems...better than S1 by a wide margin, but not yet as good as S3. We'll see.

Anyway, if you like women comics and can tolerate white lady feminism, I'd say watch S3. It's got some pretty great comedy. Probably avoid S1.

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What I've just finished

The Left Hand of Darkness! I no longer have this big gap in my Le Guin portfolio. Um, I liked it. It took a long time to get into, like I said before, partly because I wasn't in a reading state of mind but also because I wasn't really connecting with the POV character (Genly), the plot, or the world. That started to change once we started to see Estraven's POV, because OMG I loved Estraven, they are exactly the sort of character I fall for hard. Principled, kind, able to see the big picture and to act for the greater good even when it isn't what's best for them. (I feel like some people think these sorts of characters are boring. I...don't? Or at least not automatically.)

Anyway, once we got into the dual POV, and especially once they got out on the Ice (I am a total sucker for wilderness adventures, plus there was some fun earth science and even a bit of accurate meteorology which is always a happy surprise) I was On Board and finished it pretty quickly. The ending was sad, in that "I should have seen that coming" way. But good. I look forward to reading some fic and re-reading Le Guin's short stories set on Gethen where they do better with pronouns.

Speaking of, it's funny, because I respect TLHoD's place in feminist science fiction history, but reading it in 2015, it doesn't feel very feminist. Especially when Genly is so sexist all the time, and when his statements reinforce the notion that all the other world in the Hainish universe -- except Gethen -- seem to be patriarchal or at least to have gender identities very similar to the ones Le Guin lived in. It does feel a bit sad that, in 1969 Le Guin was able to envision an interplanetary association without a central government, which has apparently abolished war, and has all sorts of amazing technology, but in which women still do the bulk of childrearing and rarely become mathematicians or scientists. And where the POV character disparagingly calls something feminine or womanish every third page, at least for the start of the story. I mean, it's not particularly surprising having read her other work from that time, but still noteworthy.

What I'm currently reading

The Real and the Unreal vol II by Ursula K Le Guin

I'm pretty sure I've already read every short story in this collection, but it'd have been well over a decade for many of them. After reading TLHoD I was in the mood for more Le Guin, and I bought this in e-book form a few months ago. Le Guin's short stories were generally my favorite so I'm glad to be reading them, but I'm still in the very early works period (late 60s, maybe getting into early 70s), whereas I think it's her mid 70s-90s stuff I like best.

BTW, when I looked at Amazon to double check the title of this book, I saw a *ton* of Le Guin e-books. Which was not the case even a few months ago. Part of me is excited since I sold all my books of hers a couple years ago, but I also know she was really against e-books and Amazon in particular. So I want to investigate this more.

What I'll read next

I don't know! I might continue the Le Guin kick, but maybe I should check out something new. I have a huge recs list thanks to y'alls posts.

frayadjacent: Close up of Pearl looking excited (SU: Pearl excited)

But I'm at a conference, and I promised Mr. Adjacent (who is as fannish as me about this show -- I think it's his favorite, like ever) I'd wait and we'd watch the whole Stevenbomb together this weekend. Well, actually it was a mutual promise.

But I am awash in Pearl/Rose feels and Steven Feels and Connie Feels and I have a hunch about Sardonyx and if my hunch is right it's gonna be AWESOME. Ugh, how can I wait four more days????
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I'm very, very, oh so painfully slowly reading The Left Hand of Darkness. For the first time. After being a Le Guin fiend for most of my 20s. It's the only novel she published between 1968 and 2002 that I haven't read. I bought the book while visiting [personal profile] laurashapiro and lamenting that I had gotten rid of every single Le Guin book I owned when I moved across the world, only to find her works generally are not available as e-books. (Though, to be fair, if the used bookstore I sold them to got them in the hands of someone new to Le Guin, I'm glad I did it.)

Anyway, it's not that I don't like the book, I'm just having a lot of trouble bringing myself to read anything right now, unless it's work related. Which sucks.

I also do not enjoy how sexist the POV character is, but to be honest that isn't the reason I'm getting through it so slowly. I hate when I get like this! I was such an avid reader of fiction as a teenager (besides Le Guin, I mostly read nonfiction in my 20s), and somehow it's just...harder now.

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Title: Never Look Away
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song: Never Look Away by Vienna Teng
Summary: "you are made of nebulas and novas and night sky" (AKA a love letter to Buffy Summers by fray-adjacent, age 33 2/3)
Premiered at VidUKon 2015

Content Notes: Fast cuts and flashing lights, speed changes. Depression and vague references to suicide. Show-typical violence. Feel free to ask specific questions about content.

Download: 133 MB mp4 with subtitles | 56 MB mp4 with subtitles

are included in the download .zip files. You can delete the .srt file if you don't want subtitles. They are also available in the youtube streaming versions.

youtube | tumblr | archive of our own

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I just posted to my "access list"; as I've mentioned before, my DW is becoming increasingly locked. If you don't see the post and you want to, comment here and I'll add you.
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I have exactly 100 icons. There are a few that I really want to add. But I don't know if I'm up for deleting any current ones, and I'm kinda reluctant to step down that slippery slope of buying extra icon spaces. When will it ever stop? Why do you icon makers have to be so damn talented?
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I finally saw Pacific Rim last night. At home, on my 15-inch laptop, just as it was meant to be seen. And now I:

1. know what y'all are talking about when you say "drift compatible". I had no idea that was from Pacific Rim. I thought it was one of those funny fandom things.

2. can watch those vids I've been holding off on for two+ years!

3. am pretty sure I'd have enjoyed it a lot more in the theater. I used to think of going to the movies as a bit of a waste of money, but since I moved (and I have a much higher disposable income!) I've come to enjoy it.
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More Orphan Black posts have crossed my dash in the last 24 hours than all of Season 3 previously. And I'm writing one too!

S3-E06: Certain Agony in the Battlefield )

A few minor things I didn't love )
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I saw Mad Max, and I'm closer than I've ever been to being really, actively fannish in a big fandom at its height. Is MM:FR a big fandom? Or becoming a big fandom? Please tell me it is. I want to experience this big fandom thing.

I might go see it again, even. I never do that.

(Obviously my main fandoms, Buffy and Xena, are huge, but I came to them a decade+ late. It's not the same at all.)

More thoughts on the show later; I'm at my laptop at the kitchen table which is a big no no RSI-wise. Better sign off.


19 May 2015 05:41 pm
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I tried to argue to my coworkers at lunch today that one need not invoke a genetic cause of "homosexuality" (their word) in order for it to be morally OK. It's also morally fine if it is a choice! I'm pretty sure they think I'm a homophobe now.

(I suppose this would have been as good a time as any to come out at work, but given that I'm still somewhat dazed at having participated in a multi-minute conversation with my coworkers at all, it's not surprising I didn't.)
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Because I have some free time this morning while a bunch of processes run at work, and because when I feel like posting I should just do it.

I read Mark Field's Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Myth, Metaphor, and Morality until about halfway through season 4. I paid $1 for the e-reader version because it's hard for me to read long stuff online. I'm too distractable. Some parts of it were super interesting. I especially liked when he talked about the existentialist moral themes in BtVS. I haven't had the patience to actually read existentialist philosophy since high school, and on the whole I find it compelling in some senses and frustratingly individualistic in others.  Fields' characterization of existentialism and how it plays out in BtVS (and, implicitly, Angel) clarified a lot of that for me, in the sense that I realized that aspects of the shows' treatment of morality are apparently more coherent in their origins than I thought, even if I disagree with a lot of those origins.

I stopped reading it partly because everytime Field talks about Buffy having sex, it is judgmental and sexist and at times pretty gross. I can't say that he's drawing out themes that don't exist in the show -- they totally do -- but he not only fails to criticize those themes, he embraces them more wholeheartedly than the show itself does. Especially in Season 2, which he has a whole Freudian take on that, like I said, is not un-supported by the show but also kinda makes me blech. Also, I started to get tired of it and realized I really wanted to be reading some fiction. Which leads me to....

I finally started Ancillary Justice. Which I'm now about one quarter of the way through, and, I don't know. I love epic stories, but I'm tired of how often they are from the point of view of military officers and politicians and aristocrats and royalty. I don't need empire from the POV of the imperialists, even if the narrative doesn't condone the imperialism (which this doesn't). There are elements that I like, enough that I'm going to keep reading, and I keep hoping that a twist will come.
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Ever since last year when I read Gail Simone's Wonder Woman run, where Diana tries (and fails) to court a man, I've been craving more stories where a woman really actively pursues a romance (with any gender person). I think this is the root of why I so often fail at shipping: writers are so rarely interested in showing me that a lady character is even interested in the other person, much less actively courting them.

What I'd really love to see is Lady Character pursing the object of her affection awkwardly -- with inappropriate grand gestures, for example. (But not Awkwardly Not Pursuing said object a la early season Willow and Xander, I've got plenty of examples of that.) And I'd love examples where she succeeds and examples where she doesn't.

Where do I find this? I had secretly hoped The Mindy Project would do it, but alas it didn't, not really. I get it occasionally from books (spoilers for The Outskirters Secret )).


25 Apr 2015 03:27 pm
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That End of Year Vidding Meme has the category "Most Unintentionally Telling Video". I usually skip that one because I don't even know what that means. Until now, anyway.

I realized that my WIP unintentionally shows that the most important relationships for Buffy -- to me -- are her relationships with Dawn and with Willow. (Giles is also super important to me! But he didn't make it into the vid as much.) I've spent a lot of time thinking about and discussing her relationships with Angel, Riley, and Spike, and there's a lot of important stuff about her character in there. But at the end of the day, it's all about Buffy & Dawn, Buffy & Willow, and Buffy & Giles.


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